5950118 Corporal John Joseph KARMY, 5th Bn. Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire Regiment: 21/09/1944

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    Well, I'm stunned - and overawed by the dedication you all have to remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
    John Joseph Karmy was the brother of Victor Karmy, my great-grandfather. His father Seraphin Simeon indeed died in 1955 as Kevin Battle writes.
    John's brother Victor never seems to have mentioned him to my grandfather, who in turn never mentioned him to my father, who of course never knew he existed. So you can imagine my excitement when I found a record of a John Karmy only yesterday...and how quickly that excitement turned to horror as I read about his time as a prisoner of war in Singapore.
    I suppose there isn't much to say, really. There certainly isn't anything meaningful that I can think of at the minute. Just a moment of silent reflection and contemplation, and then perhaps another.

    Thanks for all your efforts, on a slightly brighter note - were it not for you, my great-grandfather's brother would have disappeared, as would so many other young men, numbers greater than the mind can compute, so many lives snuffed out before they'd even begun. If they deserve anything, it's to be remembered the way you remember them.
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    Hi Daniel - Corporal John Joseph Karmy was in D Company and would have fought in the area of Buona Vista Road and Alexandra Road in the battle for Singapore. He would have been at Changi following the surrender, then at Sime Road Camp from April 42, until 17 October when he was sent to Thailand to work on the Thai-Burma Railroad. He was in Group 2, No.1 battalion and would have most likely worked at the camps Chungkai, Wang Takian, Ban Khao, Tha Khanun and Dobbs Camp. In January 1944, he was at the Chungkai Hospital suffering Pleurisy, before being shipped to Japan later that year, and the rest you Know! Can provide more details if you wish.

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