58080 Patrick Henry Anthony BURKE, Grenadier Guards: 1939/40 details needed ...

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    Hello all,

    I am trying to locate photos and personal information of a Captain Burke, GG, he was the Air Liaison Officer for 13 Sqn, RAF, during the Battle of France, 1940. I believe his initials are P.A.H, but really hard to see on the operational records book, so could be wrong.

    Thanks for your time and help on this matter.

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    All I can add by looking at the Regimental history is one entry in the Officer casualties on page 530.
    My additions in brackets.

    Burke, Capt P.H.A. W(ounded) 5(th Bn) 1/12/44 M(onte) Sole.

    There is a short piece on page 494 when he gets wounded.
    Again his intials are PHA Burke.
    OC No 2 Company 5th Bn.
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    Personal Number: 58080
    Rank: Major
    Name: Patrick Henry Anthony BURKE
    Unit: Grenadier Guards

    London Gazette : 3 February 1933
    The undermentioned Gentlemen Cadets from the Royal Military College, to be 2nd Lts. 2nd Feb. 1933:—
    Gren. G'ds.—
    Patrick Henry Anthony BURKE.

    London Gazette : 11 June 1946
    Gren. G'ds.
    Capt. P. H. A. BURKE (58080) is placed on the h.p. list on account of disability, 9th June 1946.

    London Gazette : 30 September 1947
    Capt. P. H. A. BURKE (58080) h.p. list (late Gren. G'ds.) retires on ret. pay on account of disability, 1st Oct. 1947, and is granted the hon. rank of Maj.

    See also:
    • Burke’s Peerage
    • ?great grandson of founder
    • PATRICK HENRY ANTHONY BURKE, Major Grenadier Guards, served in WWII 1939–44 (wounded), MFH West Waterford and Ballymacad Hunts, born 16 June 1913, educated at Eton College, and Royal Military College Sandhurst, married first 25 June 1937 (divorced 1948) Rosemary Maud Evelyn SANDARS (born 5 July 1910; died as the result of a hunting accident 2 January 1950, buried at Gate Burton, Lincolnshire), only daughter of John Drysdale SANDARS, of Gate Burton Hall, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire (see SANDARS of Gate Burton Hall) and his wife Hon Maud Evelyn GRAVES, and had issue
    • Navan Historical Society - Personal Notices
    • The Times, 17 Mar 1964
    • Death: Major Patrick Henry Anthony Burke age 51 racehorse breeder and former master of Ballymacad Hounds, was killed yesterday while hunting at Ballymadun, Co. Dublin with the Ward Union Hounds. His horse fell into a drain trapping him under the animal. He lived at Stackallen House, Navan, Co. Meath.

    His father:
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    Wow, thank you so much for your quick help. Really useful and helpful.



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