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Discussion in '53rd (Welsh) Division' started by 580 digger, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. 580 digger

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    I'm very interested in finding out more about 580 Coy RASC. Such as was it part of 53rd (W) Div Colm RASC? Where was the Drill Hall? Are there any photos? Was anyone at the Adoption parade in Penarth in 1966? There are plenty more questions if anyone can help I'd be very grateful.
  2. Swiper

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    I'm not too clued up on 580 RASC Company as of yet, however I do have some friends local to Penarth and will get them to make some enquiries. Sorry for being slow - missed this thread totally! I believe there may be some photos at the SWB Museum in Brecon which I have some copies of for my current work.
  3. 580 digger

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    Thanks Swiper, I'll take a look in the SWB museum next time I'm in Brecon.
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  5. RemeDesertRat

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    More info on the drill hall might be found here
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    Wills, great photos many thanks, I agree it's a shame nothing remains.
  7. 580 digger

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    Thanks RemeDesertRat a great site.

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