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    Hi everyone, new here and after some help if at all possible. Does anyone have any information on the movements of 58 Company RASC, my father in law served with them from 1939-1945 as a tank transport driver and I'm trying to piece things together for my wife. I have his service number if that's helpful to anyone. Thank you in advance for any assistance offered.
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    58 Coy RASC was part of 7 Armoured Division in North Africa and in Italy. The division moved to UK in late 1943 and remained here until June 1944, when it participated in the Normandy landings. In 1945, it was based in Germany.

    For most of the time, it was the Armd Div Tps coy of 7 Armoured Division, but it did change to an Infantry Brigade coy in Jan 45 before reverting back to an Armd Div Tps coy later that year.

    I don't believe that these companies possessed any tank transporters so I suspect your father-in-law would not have driven these if he remained with 58 Coy.

    from Trux on this website:-
    Armoured Division Troops Company
    Transport for the carriage of 2nd line scales of ammunition, petrol and anti gas reserves, and of supplies on single echelon on unit basis for units of armoured divisional troops, and transport for the carriage of the marching personnel of three infantry battalions of the infantry brigade.
    Headquarters Mechanical Transport Company RASC
    2 X Transport Platoon with five sections of 3 ton lorries (4 X 4)
    2 X Transport Platoon with five sections of 3 ton troop carrying lorries (4 X 4 QLT)
    1 X Composite Platoon with only A, B increments
    1 X General Duties Platoon
    2 X Relief Driver Increment
    1 X Workshop Platoon
    This company has a Captain and a batman RA attached to advice on ammunition. An extra jeep is provided.

    You will find several histories of 7 Armoured Division on Amazon and in bookshops, which will give you an idea of where your father-in-law fought. For more details, you could get the war diaries of 58 Coy RASC from the National Archives. First step would be to get his service record in order to confirm his unit(s).

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    Post VE Day for 58 Company RASC of 7th Armoured Division
    Reher – Meezen north-east of Itzehoe
    23 May 45 – Heide north-west of Itzehoe – Schenefeld north of Itzehoe
    25 May 45 – Itzehoe
    22 Jun 45 – north of Wolfenbüttel
    4 Jul 45 – British Troops Berlin
    20 Sep 45 – Meldorf north-west of Itzehoe (Occupational Divisional Transport)
    1 Jul 46 – Luftwaffe Kaserne later Cardigan Barracks Jever (Armoured Division Troops Carrying)
    18 Jul 47 – Münster

    https://britisharmyingermany.com (under construction)

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