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  1. Good Evening, First Thread for me on here so i hope you can help.
    My grandfather was with 58 BSD RASC attached to 53 Div, he started to with 57 coy AMPC in 1939 saw action in france 1940 and returned to England to be transferred to the RASC.
    i am asking for any information on 57 Coy AMPC especially in 1940 France and 58 BSD through France 1944-45
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  3. Drew5233

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    Hi Anthony

    Drop me a message to remind me and I'll have a look when I get home from work to check if I have a copy of the BEF diary.

  4. Good afternoon Andy
    Thank you for your reply . I have my grandfathers service record but my wish is to have some sort of insight of his journey through France first of all with 57 Coy AMPC then with 58 BSD RASC. I know that with 58 BSD he was attached to 53 Division but that's all I have, I don't really know the workings of a Base Supply Depot, how far behind the front lines they are etc.
    I have requested the war diaries of 58 BSD for 11 June 1944 , to have all of them would be to much from what I gather , the amount of entries for one day could be numerous pieces of paper.
    I am ex military myself but I feel I do need help with out to find the right way to go to get the information I need.
    A big thank you in advance for anybody who may possibly help me.
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    Hi Anthony - I've just checked and I don't have a copy of 57 AMPC . Looking at the date range of the BEF diary April and May are probably missing and June might only be field returns.

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