57262 Major William LILBURN, 2 Highland Light Infantry: 11/12/1944

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    On Another issue for a record of a War Memorial I am researching. Might anyone have any information on a Major William Lilburn of the HLI who was killed on 11/12/1944 south of Athens and is buried in Pharleron War Cemetery.

    Service Number: 57262

    Regiment & Unit: 2nd Bn. Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment)
    Date of Death: 11 December 1944
    Age 31 years old
    Buried or commemorated at PHALERON WAR CEMETERY
    Grave Reference: 17. C. 18.
    Location: Greece
    Additional Info: Son of James and Bethia Lilburn; husband of Pauline Lilburn, of Long Framlington, Northumberland. Chartered Accountant.
    Personal Inscription: BLESSED ARE THE PURE IN HEART
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    Forum member gmyles has an interest in UK actions in Greece after the 1944 allied intervention there and he may be able to assist.

    You really need to start a new topic about him to attract more attention rather than tagging it onto this topic.

    BTW It’s forum best practice to use the name, unit and service number of the person of interest in the topic title rather than a vague “clickbait” type phrase.

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    Hi Rorerickdew

    Major William Lilburn commanded 'B" Company at the time. He was killed during operations to clear the area around Patriarkhou.

    2 HLI War Diary 11/12/44


    1944 Map of Athens


    2 HLI were under the command of 23rd Armoured Brigade at the time

    23rd Armoured Brigade Situation Report (SITREP) - 11/12/44


    His body was taken to 97 British General Hospital, Psikhiko, Athens where he was temporarily buried within the grounds.

    Finally laid to rest at the CWGC Cemetery Phaleron 26/01/45.


    Hope this helps

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    Thank you very much for this help. Trying now to find his life prior to enlistment
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    Also, there is a wedding photo taken from Ancestry.



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    Again so many thanks. You are all brilliant. Roderick

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