572 Coy & 249 Fd Coy RE

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  1. Smac02

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    Anyone help me here?
    Looking for any war diary info for 572 RE, particularly in N/Africa, western desert & Egypt. Also 249 Fd Coy 1945-1946.
    Basically trying trying to find out the places Dad was at before transferring to to 4 Para Sqn RE.
    Any help would be helpful if I need to visit Kew to trace war diaries.
  2. PsyWar.Org

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    SM, for when you get to Kew, here are the references for 572 Fld Coy RE. 249 to follow in a mo.

    WO 166/3810, ROYAL ENGINEERS: COMPANIES: 572 Field Company. (1940 Aug.-1941 Feb.)
    WO 169/1912, 572 A. Fd. Coy. (1941 May- Dec.)
    WO 169/5328, 572 Army Fd. Coy. (1942 Jan.- Dec.)
    WO 169/10720, 572 Army Fd. Coy. (1943 Jan.- Dec.)
    WO 170/1722, Companies: 572 Coy. (1944 Jan.- Dec.)
    WO 170/5249, Companies: 572 Coy. (1945 Jan., Feb.)
    WO 171/5576, 572 Coy. (1945 Mar.- June, Aug.)

  3. PsyWar.Org

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    TNA references for 249 Fld Coy RE (can't find anything after May '45):

    WO 166/3718, ROYAL ENGINEERS: COMPANIES: 249 Field Company. (1939 Sept.- 1941 Dec.)
    WO 166/8159, 249 Coy. (1942 Jan.-Dec.)
    WO 166/12115, 249 Coy. (1943 Jan.-Dec.)
    WO 171/1605, 249 Coy. (1944 Feb.- Aug., Oct.- Dec.)
    WO 171/5523, 249 Coy. (1945 Jan.- May)

  4. dryan67

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    Devonshire and Cornwall (Fortress) R.E.
    HQ, No. 1 (EL & W), No. 2 (EL), No. 3 (EL) Coys: Plymouth
    No. 1 Coy in 1940 as 571st Army FC RE
    Formed 570th Corps Field Park Company, RE; 571st, 572nd, 573rd Army Field Companies, RE
    Converted to VIII Corps Troops RE with:
    570th FPC – Plymouth; 571st – Plymouth; 572nd FC - Totney; 573rd FC – Cornwall
    After Dunkirk VIII Corps Troops was based at Ottery St. Mary in Devon.
    Companies sailed to North Africa in Feb. 1941 as X Corps Troops via Gibraltar and Cape Town.
    570th in May 1941 involved in operations in desert.
    570th attached to XXX Corps in 1941.
    Served in NA 11/41-1942 as X Corps Troops RE
    Served in NA 1942-43 as X Corps Troops RE
    X Corps Troops at El Alamein – 23/10/42
    571st att. to 10th Armoured Division 23/10/42 as part of Minefield Task Force (ex X Corps)
    Served in Italy under X Corps Troops 1943-early 1945
    To NW Europe March 1945
  5. dryan67

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    249th (East Anglia) Field Company: Luton
    u/c 54th (East Anglia) Infantry Division 4/9/39-20/5/43
    u/c 6th Airborne Division 7/6/43-31/8/45 as 249th (Airborne) FC, RE
    Landed by sea 6/6/44 in Normandy
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    My grandad was in this same regiment - did you find out any further info or war diaries? I would love to know more about what he was involved in. We have photos of his time during the war. Thanks

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