56 Recce war diary Jan-Apl 45 PUNISHMENTS

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    Not sure if ok to post here but some information from the 56 Recce war diary. I haven't used the soldiers names.


    Tpr xxxx. The soldier was tried by Field General Court Martial on 18/2/45 and sentenced to undergo 9 months I.H.L. (? Hard labour?) for the following offences:-
    (i) Sec 40 AA WOAS conduct to the prejudice of good order and military discipline, in that he in the field on 30/11/44 improperly took and used for his own purpose WD Vehicle No 5237324 Willy's Jeep
    (ii) Sec 15 (1) AA WOAS Absenting himself without leave, in that he in the field absented himself without leave from 29/11/44 until 30/11/44-Sec 19AA WOAS Drunkenness, in that he in Florence on 30/11/44 was drunk.

  2. 4jonboy

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    Tpr xxx was tried by FGCM on 5/12/44 for Sec 9(2) AA WOAS disobeying a lawful command given by his superior officer, in that he in the field on 21/10/44, when ordered by Lt xxxx, 56 Recce regt RAC, to proceed to a forward position, did not do so and was sentenced to 3 years penal servitude
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    Hello Lesley, More about Sec. 40 A.A. W.O.A.S., do you have any more info on that Section? Does it cover being absent without leave? Going through my father's army service records I find he was 'Awarded' (what great terminology) 28 days detention under that Sec. He told me on a few occasions that after being evacuated with the BEF, through Dunkirk, he visited his family in Ireland and stayed too long! His Mother didn't want him to go back, but he did go back and he served right through the war. He also told me that he served time as a result. Is it possible to get the full transcript of this case?

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    Two offences that seem to crop up time and again in Italy are taking jeeps without permission and giving civillians (non-military personnel) lifts.

    Though in the latter case, it's often in the form of reminders not to do it again, so presumably there was sometimes a degree of leniency.
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    Hello Kevin

    I am sorry I do not have any further information on these punishments. I only posted what I found in the 56 Recce war diary appendices just for information.
    I shouldn't imagine you will be able to get any full transcripts of your father's case, or if there is any information, I couldn't imagine where they would be. Sorry not to be of further help.


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