548 Coast Regt and 15 Med Regt RA (Fld)

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    As I am new to this site I apologise for any errors.
    I'm trying to trace any War Diaries of the above units which my Dad served in. He was transferred into the 548 Coast Regt on return from Iceland 1942 with the Princess Louise Kensington Regt. Then in 1943 he was posted to 15 Med Regt RA, embarking for France July 1944. I would like to try and find out where he went with the possibility to following in his footsteps. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks,
    Tony Baxter
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    August 1944... 15 medium regt aug 44.JPG
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    You are lucky as 15 Medium Regt diary is fairly detailed. What I would give for a full casualty list like this for the regiment my grandfather served in - 9th Medium Regiment RA! 15 med regt casualties.JPG
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    Hi Robert
    Many thanks for your information. I will read this and look further into it.

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