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    Thought it was about time I did this (expect many updates as I dig out book after book after book...) also they will be followed by ISBNs and other such helpful stuffs

    Divisional/Admin Histories
    History of 53rd Welsh Division in the Second World War, CN Barclay [No ISBN] - Original Divisional 1950s History, good work, somewhat dry and lacking in details
    Team Spirit, Administrative History of 53rd Welsh Division, AD Bolland - 3 Varying Editions, 1945-47 [No ISBN]
    Red Crown and Dragon, Patrick Delaforce [reprint 2010] - good account, equally it tends to focus on many personal accounts which detract from the overall narrative and lead to confusion. However some gems within the text, equally some

    Royal Welch Fusiliers
    That Astonishing Infantry, Glover - very poor account of Normandy campaign, latter stages are somewhat better.
    Red Dragon, PK Kemp and John Graves

    Royal Engineers
    Welsh Bridges to the Elbe, John H Roberts - quite simply the finest writing on the Divisional Engineers you are ever likely to see. Dangerously verging on flawless.

    2 Mons
    Not So Bloody Quiet on the Western Front, DS Hooper, Stephens and George Publishing, 2003 [No ISBN] - Memoirs, simply excellent - highly recommended.

    With Whom We Served - Addresses of various officers and their contact details - 1945? [No ISBN]
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    New update...

    I've come across many more books that cover the Division... personal accounts under aliases, obscure memoirs (the lot!)

    And I've managed to acquire one of the unheard of copies of 'The Seventh' history of 7 RWF 1908-46.... win!
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    Anybody still out there who recalls Don Arnott? I shall not come on here regularly so here is my contact:

    Les Arnott, son of.

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