53rd Reconnaissance Regiment

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    Hartley E.JPG Ernest Hartley
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    I found Ernest's grave at the Bergen-Op-Zoom cemetery, he was next to four other Recce soldiers:
    Tpr P R Tierney (53rd), Tpr A Waddington (53rd), Sjt W G Jenkins (53rd), and L/Sjt J W Collins (49th).
    I have obtained a copy of Welsh Spearhead, and photographed the whole book - there are 98 files. I've put the first 29 into the gallery (general area) but I have run out of space - each member is only allowed 50 MB. It would be great if someone else (probably need two people) could put the remaining files onto the gallery area - I have put files 30 to 98 on my Dropbox storage, so they can be downloaded and re-saved onto the gallery. The link for them is below. If anyone plans to do this, let everyone know so they aren't duplicated.

    Link is: Dropbox - Welsh Spearhead - Simplify your life
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    Edmund thanks for posting Welsh Spearhead

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    I've asked fellow admin to up your limit. I can't get into admin area on my phone.
    I'm not turning my laptop on this close to bedtime.
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    I've now completed uploading the whole of "Welsh Spearhead" to the gallery (thanks for increasing my storage limit Owen). Here's a photo showing the entrance to Bergen-Op-Zoom cemetery. The sun had briefly come out, I did 700 miles in mostly rain (and some hail).
    Bergen-Op-Zoom 2019_ (2).JPG
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    I've now received copies of Ernest Hartley's service records (attached) which only took a few months rather than the year I was expecting. The information has caused me to revise my idea of Ernest's progress - he was not posted to the 53rd Recce until 10th August 1944, which means that there was a second unrelated Hartley in "A" Squadron who was involved in the Le Bon Repos patrols in early August.
    Here is my interpretation of his records:

    18th Feb 1943 Enlisted and posted to Number 54 Primary Training Wing (PTW) at Number 4 Infantry Training Centre at Brancepeth near Durham. This belonged to the Duke of Wellington’s Regiment of the Northumberland Light Infantry.

    19th March 1943 Sent to No 1 Recce Training Centre at Halleaths Camp, Lochmaben, Dumfriesshire (this RTC was moved to Catterick in August 1943)

    31st March 1943 Transferred to Recce Corps

    17th Sept 1943 Transferred to 47th Independent Reconnaissance Squadron. This squadron was merged with the 38th Independent Recce Squadron and the 55th Independent Recce Squadron in October 1943 to form the 38th Recce Regiment, which never saw service and was disbanded in October 1944.

    30th Oct 1943 Transferred to the new 38th Recce Regiment. From 38th Recce War Diary: In November 1943 the HQ and “A” Squadrons were at Workington, “B” Squadron at Egremont and “C” Squadron at Whitehaven (all Cumberland) on training and exercises. In December they were training at Felton Park and Morpeth. In January 1944 they moved to Allerston High Moor Range near Scarborough, until March 1944 when they were split between Neston Camp (Wirrral), Southsea (Portsmouth) and Monkton Farleigh (Bath). In May the Regiment were all at Southsea. In June 1944 the Regiment was advised of its impending disbandment and remained at Southsea until it was disbanded with effect from 1st October 1944.

    10th August 1944 Ernest was one of 185 other ranks posted to the No 43 Reinforcement Holding Unit (RHU). RHU’s held troops to be used for replacing casualties. The location is unknown, although by 6th August 1945 it was in Gennep, Holland.

    3rd October 1944 Killed in Action

    9th October 1944 Next of Kin advised

    If anyone can add to or correct anything that would be most welcome!

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    Edmund, a grand example of why service records are the only way to go when researching a serviceman. Elsewhere on this site I have posted copies of the Reconnaissance Journals and they contain a few references to 53 Recce, have a look here:
    Reconnaissance Journal

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