52nd field unit Royal artillery 1941-45

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    Hi Everyone. I have just had some pictures sent to me by a relative who had photos of my grandad, he served in the 52nd between 41 and 45. He was also attached to the 8th Indian division at one point in Italy.

    You never know someone's relatives might be in these photos. Sorry for the contrast etc, best I can get from scans atm.

    regimentscan1.png shortsedited.png
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    You might like to contact 103 Regiment RA. This reserve unit includes a battery that maintains the traditions and heritage of 52 (Manchester) Field Regiment.
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    I am happy to do that. There's a member on here I am in contact with but I will message them on Facebook. Thanks
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    52 Fd Regt RA were more than just ‘attached’ to 8 Indian Division. From the outset, they were one of three Field Regiments who were an integral part of the Division - they went wherever the Division went.

    As an integrated Fd Regt, they provided Artillery Tactical Groups to the Division’s three Infantry Brigades. Those Arty Tac Gps worked with the infantry Battalions of each Brigade to control any fire support that the infantry needed.


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    209 Bty is based at Belle Vue TAC in Manchester, with a Troop co-located with RHQ at St Helens.

    TA Centre
    Belle Vue Street
    M12 5PQ
    Telephone 0161-230-6710
    Training Tuesdays 7.30pm-9.30pm

    Here is a picture of Major T J Fox BC and members of 209 (Manchester) Battery, and the Captain General’s Baton pay respects at the grave of a fallen Manchester Gunner in Sangro War Cemetery.

    This was a battlefield study for which I had the privilege of being the battlefield historian. Story here. http://www.theobservationpost.com/blog/?p=1348
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