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  1. Lnc Bmbdr A Peace

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    My father Alec doesn't talk about the war much. He has been living in the U.S. since the mid 50's. He will be 90 in January and I thought I'd see if any of his mates were still alive. He was in signals, 52nd Field Regt Regt, Battery R 437 in Africa & Italy and possibly Europe . He served from 42 to 47 in the 8th Indian army. He was on the football team with a member of Q battery that was the Captain of the English soccer team that was unfortunately killed in action.
    I have also seen people looking for info on his regiment so maybe I can help in that aspect. His memory is sharp as a tack !
    Thank you,
    Scott Peace
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    Hello and welcome to the forum :)
  3. Lnc Bmbdr A Peace

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    Hello and welcome to the forum :)
    Thanks Drew. So happy to have stumbled upon this site... What a wealth of knowledge here !!!!
  4. merc07

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    Hi Scott,

    I've just read about your father. My grandad, sadly passed away, was also in the 52nd Manchester, but assigned to Q battery. I'm trying to collect as much information about his time in the Middle East then Italy. I have the war diaries, but personal information from others who served in this regiment is much more interesting. As it was a smallish regiment there seems to be very little wrote about it, more usually a footnote as part of the 8th Indian. If you have any information that you are willing to share I would be happy to receive and vice versa.

    Many thanks for your time

  5. Mr Bradbury

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    Do you know if there are any photographs or info of the 52nd Manchester post their return from Italy (in addition to the Unit War Diary) ?
    My grandfather was REME attached to the 52nd and was based at Braunstone Camp. I am thinking of things like regimental photos or pics of the camp itself.

    Many thanks

  6. merc07

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    Hi Colin,
    How are you? I managed to get the rest of the unit war diaries, you sent me a few to get started. Post war, I'm really struggling, my granddad didn't seem to come back with everybody else, for some reason he went to Greece with the 30th FR via the 113th FR.
    I did get a lot of information about the 52nd from the private diaries of a R F Coltman, up to the point of the war ending, which are located in the Imperial War Museum library. If he came back to the UK, his diaries might be of use to you. I did get a copy of a photography of Q battery on-board the Highland Monarch plus a hand drawn map showing the route the 52nd took throughout the Middle East.
    Good luck with your search for information, if I come across anything I will pass it on.
    Take care
  7. Lnc Bmbdr A Peace

    Lnc Bmbdr A Peace Junior Member

    Somehow I missed your post to this thread, but would be happy to attain, or share any info. My father will be 91 in January, but is a wealth of knowledge on the 52nd. If there is anything in particular that youre looking for, please let me know and Ill ask him.
    Thank you, Scott
  8. merc07

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    Hi Scott, Sorry I haven't replied to your kind offer, I didn't receive notification of your message, I've just stumbled upon it now.

    My granddad was called up in September 42 and left from Liverpool on the Highland Monarch, through the Med to the middle east then across to Italy, including Cassino. With regard to these areas I would love to have a better insight to the places they went, memorable events and so on. I know that sounds a bit vague, but any info would be appreciated, whether it be personal accounts or military advancement (specific to the 52nd).

    I know afterwards most men came back to the UK (would be interested where they landed), but for some reason my granddad was shipped to Greece carrying out policing duties around the ports and hotels, he said he was the only one, but were there others?

    I would be very grateful for any information, photos or maps.

    Thanks and once again sorry for the delay in responding.

  9. lmc2489

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    Good evening, just had a read of this post good to hear more about 52nd Manchester Fd Regt (Manchester Artillery).

    i am a serving WO2 in the artillery attached to MCTC Colchester, i served in 209 bty Manchester Artillery, and as a member of the association, used to speak often to members of the Regt, both the 52nd and their duplicate regiment the 110th.

    i was the training battery warrant officer for awhile, and when i deployed to Afghanistan, was the first member of the Manchester Artillery to fire in anger (artillery) since WW2.

    I have acess to photographs of exercise bumper, and various books held in the officers mess of the manchester artillery.

    my grandfather served in the regiment from 1924 - 1941 after service with the Manchester in mesopotamia.


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  10. matthew lucas

    matthew lucas Junior Member

    my Grandad's cousin was killed with the regiment on 29 November 1943 (Albert Knights) and buried at the Sangro Cemetery, bar that we know very little of what he did or indeed the regiment. Any help greatly appreciated
  11. 4jonboy

    4jonboy Daughter of a 56 Recce

    Hello Matt

    Albert Knights was a Gunner in the Royal Artillery.
    For info:

    KNIGHTS, Albert
    Rank: Gunner
    Service No: 1134361
    Date of Death: 29/11/1943
    Age: 23
    Regiment/Service: Royal Artillery 52 Field Regt.
    Grave Reference: XV. B. 4. Cemetery: SANGRO RIVER WAR CEMETERY
    Additional Information: Son of Albert and Hannah Knights, of Dormanstown, Redcar, Yorkshire.

    The best way to go is to apply for a copy of his service records

  12. matthew lucas

    matthew lucas Junior Member

    many thanks for that, have sent for his record and war diary for the period
  13. matthew lucas

    matthew lucas Junior Member

    looking at the war diary for the date of his death it states...'15.30 Major N A smith RA BC Q bty and 2 signallers reported killed by enemy mortar fire at 382004, approx.
    Major smith and 2 gunners are buried side by side at Sangro, my cousin being one of them, the only fatalities form the regiment on the day. I was talking to one of my mums cousins a few days ago, and he remembers this quite well (from a civilians view point at the time) and knew Albert's Father and mother well
  14. lmc2489

    lmc2489 Member


    How are you? I have a War Diary in my possesion from a member of R Battery 52 Field, with photographs and transcripts of training in the UK and the subsequent move the Egypt.

    There are many photographs with names attached, i will have a look for you later, if you wish i can send you a photogarph of the memorial within the Drill Hall of the Army Reserve Centre, with your Grandads cousins name on.

    Kind Regards

  15. lmc2489

    lmc2489 Member


    I have just been looking through my 52 (Manchester) Field Regiment RA (known as the Manchester Artillery) paperwork, i am writing small history of the Manchester Artillery for the Battery Commander, i say small its up to over 150 pages now i think!

    Sangro River Cemetery

    1134361 Gnr A Knights (29 November 1943) Plot XV.B.4
    1077401 Gnr FSV Nightingale (29 November 1943) Plot XV.B.5
    52958 Major NA Smith (29 November 1943) Plot XV.B.6

    2 further 52 Field Regiment personnel are buried on the same row:

    798836 Bdr P Power (04 December 1943) Plot XV.B.18
    1134646 Gnr T Ritchie (04 December 1943) Plot XV.B.19

    Also from 52 Field

    1140631Gnr R Humphries (02 November 1943) Plot XV.E.15

    As we speak (23 July 15) the Battery Commander, BSM and other members of the Manchester Artillery are currently in Italy on a battlefield tour visiting the sites of the Battle the Regiment participated in.

    52 Field is now the strength of a Battery as 209 (The Manchester Artillery) Battery RA, within 103 Regiment Royal Artillery (Army Reserve) based in Belle Vue Gorton, Manchester. The memorials to 52 Field and the duplicate Second World War Regiment 110th (Manchester) Field Regiment RA (TA) are on display in the Drill Hall.

    Kind Regards

  16. matthew lucas

    matthew lucas Junior Member

    yes would like a photo very much, very kind. Any photos that might have albert in would be great, we don't have any photos of home, and my older family members have lost touch many years ago with his family, my cousin Jim remembered his parents well.
    52nd field regiment seemed the right regiment, his mums family (my side) came from Manchester, Ancoats then Beswick/Bradford so it all fits in
    many thanks
  17. merc07

    merc07 Junior Member

    Hi Liam,

    I am writing a bit of a bio on my granddad who was in the 52nd, Q battery. I have the regiment war diaries and his war records and have looked at the diaries of R F Coltman at the Imperial War Museum library.

    Since my son was born, everything has had to stop, but now he's slightly older I've found 'a bit' of time to carry on researching.

    I noticed that you had access to photos and other documents. If you have any information or photos on Q battery or the 52nd that your are willing to share, I would be very much grateful. If there is any more information you need or anything you need to discuss on this matter please don't hesitate to contact me. Been having issues getting message from this site, so my e-mail address is: carl.robinson7@tesco.net

    Many thanks in advance

  18. Carl1985

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    Hi all,

    My Great Uncle Frederick George Mills served with the 52 (Manchester) Field Regiment RA during WW2 in Africa, Middle East and Italy. I'm trying to find out if he was evacuated from Dunkirk. Any information/photos that any might have would be much appreciated. I know he was wounded whilst in Italy in Oct/Nov 1944.

    Many thanks,

  19. Sheldrake

    Sheldrake Gunner Tours

    Sorry if this is a bit late. I was the battlefield historian for Ex Wanderers Return, part of the Ubique 300 commemorations.
    Here is the BC of 209 and other members of the Manchester Gunners at the graves of some of those soldiers.

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  20. Bluez28

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    Hi everyone this is my first post.

    I realise this is a very old thread but I have recently been tracking my grandad he died when my mum was a baby so I hardly had any info on him or his family. Anyway I found a old army photo of him and decided to request his papers. They only came the other day, turns out he was in the 52nd and was from Salford. Served 1941-46 Got awarded the Italy star, Africa star etc. He was called Israel Baskin and was eventually a W/sgt on his papers. The mod papers with dates are not the best to photocopy but I am hoping to find any photos etc of the regiment from then that he might be in.

    I am on my phone so I need to photocopy and make the army documents smaller to upload for dates etc.

    I am happy to share any info from them that might help other people with dates etc that are on mine

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