5176858 William HAYNES, 6 Grenadier Guards: 06/12/43

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    Remembering today:

    Casualty Details | CWGC
    Service Number: 5176858
    Regiment & Unit: Grenadier Guards, 6th Bn.
    Date of Death: Died 06 December 1943
    Age 37 years old
    Buried or commemorated at CASSINO WAR CEMETERY
    Grave Reference: VII. B. 6.
    Location: Italy
    Additional Info: Son of Thomas Ernest and Alice Haynes; husband of Mary Elizabeth Eliene Haynes, of Sheldon, Warwickshire.

    :poppy: Remembered with honour.
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    D transcribed the war diary here.



    6th December
    0400 hours the Battalion moved fro 727, 3, 4, Battalion H.Q., No. 1 Company to behind the COLDSTREAM GUARDS position 683 - 615. We had to cross our old enemy “BARE ARSE” Slope and hoped we could get across in the last hours of darkness, thus we had our new familiar task of not getting caught by daylight in the open. The going was appalling and the men’s loads heavy. We had two Companies equipped with Bergen Rucksacks. We carried 24 hours rations, ammunition and a blanket. Total weight on the back 35lbs. The first two Companies were safely below the skyline by first light but Battalion H.Q. and No. 1 Company were caught going along the BARE ARSE. This brought some mortar and shell fire. Casualties slight but unlucky as two stretcher bearers and two signallers were hit.

    By 0900 hours we were in our F.U.P. behind COLDSTREAM GUARDS. A sniper on the spur North of FORMELLI cause casualties and annoyance to us.

    I went forward to recce with the Gunner and received orders for GRENADIER GUARDS and SCOTS GUARDS to attack Points 470 and 530. Zero was fixed for 12 none and a concentration arranged on the intervening valley and on the objectives.

    I collected the Company Commanders for orders at 1030 hours, just before this John GLYN was wounded by a mortar splinter. A bad cut in his cheek. At Zero the Battalion went over the saddle between 683 and 615 with SCOTS GUARDS on the left. Artillery support was to last 90 minutes. The objectives were expected to be lightly held, and they could command nearly the whole line of our advance.

    The going was slow over rocks and through coppice wood. Plan to advance two up, No. 4 Company to go for 470, No. 3 Company for 530. Tac H.Q. with No. 1 Company to establish themselves in saddle at 931082. Code words for success GRAYLING. No. 4 Company’s objective Point 470 (931086) GRAYLING 2, No. 3 Company’s Point 530, 928081.

    There was no opposition and by 1420 hours these words came as welcome sound to my ears over the 38 set and this was telephoned to BRIGADE Tac.

    We suffered some casualties from mortar fire and from one of our own guns falling short. Tony ARDEC wounded in the hand and 9 Other Ranks. My advance with No. 1 Company, though noisy, was uneventful except for a few casualties in No. 1 Company. I failed to shoot a woodcock with my revolver. This brave bird got up at my feet and gave a beautiful chance.

    By 1500 hours we had consolidated at I wirelessed for the remainder of my Battalion H.Q., moved down by Wyndham HACKETT PAIN, the Intelligence Officer.

    By the evening we were feeling more secure. DURHAM LIGHT INFANTRY had taken COCURRUZZO Spur, 2/5 QUEENS were once more on MONATERY HILL and the Americans on DEFENSA and MAGGIORE.

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