50870 David Gwyn DAVIES-SCOURFIELD, MC, 3 Welsh Guards

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    Name Davies-Scourfield, David Gwyn
    Rank: Captain
    Service No: 50870
    Regiment: 3 Battalion Welsh Guards
    Theatre of Combat or Operation: Italy
    Award: Military Cross
    Date of Announcement in London Gazette: 29 June 1944
    Date 1944
    Catalogue reference WO 373/6

    1st Guards Brigade, 6th Division, 10 Corps
    50870 War Substantive Captain David Gwyn DAVIES-SCOURFIELD, 3rd Battalion WELSH GUARDS

    Major D.G. DAVIES-SCOURFIELD, Second-in-Command of the 3rd Battalion WELSH GUARDS was ordered late on 11th February 1944 to move up and take over command of the Battalion from his Commanding Officer, who had become ill and physically unfit to remain in the line in the CERASOLA area (ITALY - G.8604 - 1/25,000, Sheet No. 160 II S.E.)

    It has since become known that Major DAVIES-SCOURFIELD was himself already in considerable pain from a badly poisoned foot.

    However, he made no mention whatsoever of this and reached the Battalion during the morning of 12th February 1944.

    Despite the pain he was suffering, which grew worse as the poison spread, and the great difficulty he experienced in moving over rough ground, Major DAVIES SCOURFIELD immediately gripped the situation, paid personal visit to all companies and set a magnificent example of unruffled calm and confidence.

    Never for a moment did he permit his physical condition to interfere with his duty, and his gallantry and steadiness in every circumstance was an inspiration to the Battalion at all times, and especially when a serious attack was made upon the WELSH GUARDS in the early hours of 20th February 1944.

    During this attack Battalion Headquarters was closely engaged by the enemy and Major DAVIES-SCOURFIELD directed the arrangements made to meet it and was personally in action from is sangar.

    It was fortunate indeed that an Officer of Major DAVIES-SCOURFIELD's character, courage, and ability was so quickly available when the Commanding Officer fell ill.

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    Personal Number: 50870
    Rank: Captain
    Name: David Gwyn DAVIES-SCOURFIELD, MC
    Unit: Welsh Guards

    London Gazette : 29 June 1944
    The KING has been graciously pleased to approve the following awards in recognition of gallant and distinguished services in Italy: —
    The Military Cross.
    Captain (temporary Major) David Gwyn Davies-Scourfield (50870), Welsh Guards (Esher)

    London Gazette : 2 July 1946
    The undermentioned Capts. to be Majs., 1st July, 1946-—
    W. G'ds
    (War Subs. Maj ) D G DAVIES-SCOURFIELD, M C. (50870)

    London Gazette : 27 January 1953
    Lt.-Col. D. G. DAVIES-SCOURFIELD, M.C. (50870), on completion of period of service in command, remains on full pay (superny.), 26th Jan. 1953.

    London Gazette : 11 April 1958
    Lt.-Col. D. G. DAVIES-SCOURFIELD, M.C. (50870) retires on retired pay, 8th Mar. 1958, and is granted the hon. rank of Col. (Reserve Liability.)

    London Gazette : 8 July 1966
    Lt.-Col. (Hon. Col.) D. G. DAVIES-SCOURFIELD, M.C. (S0870), having attained the age limit ceases to belong to the Res. of Offrs., 9th July 1966.
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