5 Hy Sec 2 Cdn Rec Coy?

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  1. Chris C

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    This is rather cryptic. Would this be a "recovery company"?

    I'm looking through the records of the Elgin Regiment - vehicle delivery - and on March 8 E Squadron issued to "5 Hy Sec 2 Cdn Rec Coy" the following vehicles:

    1 Cromwell A.R.V.
    1 Stuart V M3A3
    1 Valentine XI

    If this was a recovery unit why were they being issued a Stuart and a Valentine!? If those were damaged but already recovered I can't see why they'd be issued to a recovery unit again as opposed to a workshop.
  2. Gary Kennedy

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    There certainly was a No.2 Recovery Company, RCEME, in 1st Cdn Army, being one of three such units. I think No.2 and No.3 were both in 21 Army Group from the outset in NWE (presumably No.1 transferred over from Italy in early 1945 as part of Goldflake).

    I've not seen the Canadian WE for a Recovery Coy, but there's a brief description of the (4) Heavy Section as part of No.2 Recovery Coy given here (see page 72);


    It matches with the British WE, III/205/4, from Dec43 for the same unit. The Heavy Sec in that WE was to serve either an Armd Div or a Tk Bde, and no doubt an Indep Armd Bde as well. It doesn't include any tracked vehicles beyond a TCP carrier.

    Is your entry from 1945? If so they may have been in a position to augment their WE transport with a few more colourful items! There may have been something added by amendment, or the Cdn WE could have diverged from the British one by the latter part of the campaign. A full ARV would be very handy for a Sec tasked with tank recovery duties, possibly the other two tanks could have been for towing?

  3. Chris C

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    Sorry yes, March 8, 1945.

    The ARV I understand. I'd be hard pressed to imagine a Valentine as a particularly useful mover!
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