4th Regiment Maritime Anti-Aircraft Royal Artillery WW2

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    Last one

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    Thanks Paul. Not much to add unfortunately. I do see though that under Military History it says 'See Maritime Card' which indicates Army Records did, at some stage, have this record. It might be worth contacting the MOD records to see if it is still with his file. It's not unknown for the MOD not to send out the full records, sometimes they just miss a page or think it's not relevant.

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    Sadly, Tim, in my experience dealing with Maritime Regiment records, the Maritime Card in many cases does not survive. very sad for those retrospectively looking back on their relatives service and only seeing half the story. Same for the RN (with their accounting bases).

    Fingers crossed for NOVELIST :)
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    Hi Paul

    My Mothers cousin, L/Sgt George Glenday, was also with 4th Maritime Regt, Royal Artillery.

    He was the DEMS troop leader on board the SS Melbourne Star, which was torpedoed 480 miles south-east of Bermuda by the U-129 on 2nd April 1943. The ship sunk in just 2 minutes. 115 of the 119 crew were lost including George. The four survivors endured 38 days cast adrift in a life boat before being rescued by a US Catalina Flying Boat.

    George is remembered on the naval war memorial in Plymouth and in his home town of Dundee.

    George Glenday

    As far as I can tell, he was the only close relative to have been killed during WW2.

    I am forever grateful to the forum for providing me with this information.

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    Paul - just for information - you dont need a new post for each image, you can put them all together in one post - its easier

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    Thanks for all the reply's.
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    I think i got all they had on Walter, they even sent me his WW1 Service record,
    which was included with his WW2 service record.

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    Did you see on the service record the world locations, Walter was posted to.

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    Did you see on the service record the world locations, Walter was posted to.

    See photos on my first post, two of the members said India for location.


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