4th Bn KSLI 1944 War Diary

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  1. cww

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    Does anybody know if the above Battalions war diary lists injured casualties?
    A bit of a long shot but maybe someone has a copy of the diaries.
    A member has already contacted me with regard to copies, and I may well take him up on that, but just asking to see if anyone knows.
    Thank you all for your time
  2. dryan67

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    I have the 4th KSLI three-volume regimental history June 44-May 45. It does have a Roll of Honour of deaths, but no lists of wounded.
  3. dryan67

    dryan67 Senior Member

    What is the name of the person you are interested in finding? I also have the regimental history of the KSLI.
  4. cww

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    Hello dryan67, thank you for your reply.
    I to have the histories etc of the Bn.
    The person I'm after is my wife's grandfather, he was in France only for 7 days before he was badly wounded by a morter round. His words, this is what he told me. I haven't got his service record on me at the moment, but I can get his Army number and exact date of injury later.
    His name was Kenneth Hooper Norris, injured around July/Aug ,1944.
    Just maybe thought his name may have been mentioned.
    Many thanks again.
  5. cww

    cww Member

    Does anyone by chance have a copy of the 4th Bn KSLI war diary for 1944 please?
    It's just for a look up please.
    Thank you

    I hope this is the right place to post?
  6. Owen

    Owen -- --- -.. MOD

  7. cww

    cww Member

    Yes I did, but I now have the number and date to which the person I'm looking for was injured, I was going to ask if someone could let me know what was happening in and around the dates.
    Sorry ,I should have been more clear,
  8. Gary Millward

    Gary Millward New Member

    Your brief story sounds so similar to my Grandad's. He was 4th KSLI and he to lasted around 7 days or so in Normandie. He was hit with a mortar shell on Thursday 3rd August 1944, I've found a paragraph in a book 'Over the battlefield - operation Bluecoat' which seems to describe the very moment.

    'the air above les Grands Bonfaits filled with the shriek of descending mortar bombs . . . cries for stretcher bearers began'.

    On 3rd Aug 4th KSLI according to my reckoning were on the road from Vire to Estry, close to le Busq. Fortunately my grandad survived and lived to 90 yrs although he suffered night terrors and breakdowns to the very end. He was unable to give much information before breaking down in tears. So vary sad that his experiences in Normandie were his one and only trip abroad.

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