4th Battalion Coldstream Guards, 6th Guards Tank Brigade - tank ID

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    7BF288E1-6049-433D-ABE0-E1C2B58D0EC5.jpeg Hi All

    Very new to this forum....as in last night

    I’m researching my grandfathers role in WW2. He was with the 4th Batt. Coldstream Guards and gunner in one of the tanks. We are 99% sure it was the Regimental HQ, commanding officer tank called “Eagle” but not too sure - how do we find this out?

    We have a handful of photos graphs of Eagle (But my grandfather taking the photo!) and with my grandad in the lead tank but (see attached) can’t see the name of the tank - putting both together we think his tank is Eagle but would like to confirm

    thanks a lot for any info
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    Welcome aboard. It would be best to amend the title to Coldstream; this is an option you have (or a Moderator).

    Add the name of your grandfather, preferably with DoB and Army Number. Others here can add their knowledge. What else do you know? That will stop duplication.

    There are a number of threads here. Use: "4 coldstream guards" site:ww2talk.com

    PM about to be sent on research.
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    Thanks for the advice - much appreciated. I cannot for the life of me find out how to edit my original post however I see my post is showing if I do a 4 Coldstream search!
    Name: Vincent John Hawkins
    DoB: 24th Nov 1920
    Service Number: 2661559
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