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    After this Battalion had been with 23rd L.R.P. Brigade,until approx July 1944. Are you able to say where they went afterwards? The months of Feb 1945 until May 1945 are of particular interest. Also when did they return to the UK?
    Thank you. Veronica.
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    4 Border moved to 16 Bde in 10/44 and stayed until 02/45, in India.
    In 05/45 they arrived in newly-liberated Rangoon with No. 1 Area SEAC.
    In 12/45 they absorbed 9 Border in 63 Ind Bde and stayed with them in Burma until the bn went into 'Suspended Animation' in 01/47.

    9 Border had been a key bn of 17 Ind Div since 1943, and had seen a great deal of action with 63 Ind Bde since joining them in 1944. However, 4 Border was the senior bn, so they 'absorbed' 9 Border, despite the fact that they remained in 63 Ind Bde and that 9 Border's CO took command.
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    Thank you, Charpoy Chindit for your reply. Am I correctly reading the information? that after the 23rd Brigade as Chindits The 4th Borders when with 9th borders in 63rd Bde where in BURMA?? Veronica.

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