4th Battalion 12 Frontier Force

Discussion in 'War Against Japan' started by Ravi Rajagopalan, Jan 12, 2020.

  1. Ravi Rajagopalan

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    Hi - I am writing a semi fictional account on this formation. The CO was Lt Col Edward and this Battalion was a mix of Sikhs, Pathans, Dogras and Punjabi Muslims. The Batt was part of 16th Indian Infantry Brigade. They were in the retreat from Ye to Sittang. I am trying to find the thread to after that. Can someone please help? Many Thanks
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    The FFR's history by Condon hasn't been reprinted. Originals do seem to turn up fairly often but can be pricey.

    The best bet for some detail may be the Indian official history Retreat from Burma. This has had a hardback reprint done by Pentagon Press in the last few years. Shop around - I have seen some in that series priced in the £10-20 range in the past.
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    Our forum member Rothy may be able to tell you more. Here is a page from his excellent website about the Brigade:
    16th Indian Infantry Brigade
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  5. Ravi Rajagopalan

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    Thanks! However Condon's book covers the Frontier Force Rifles and does not have anything on 4/12. I have ordered a copy of the Indian Army Official History from Amazon India for the unbelievable price of 6 quid! Waiting to read it. I have also located a typescript by a company commander in 4/12 at the National Army Museum. I hope to get some joy out of that. The Indian Army is very helpful but the entire Frontier Force was either disbanded or went to Pakistan. Thanks
  6. Ravi Rajagopalan

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    Condon's book can be had from the Naval and Military Press for 18 pounds
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    The Naval and Military Press book is for the 13th Frontier Force Rifles, not the 12th Frontier Force Regiment. Two different regiments. I have started a conversation with you regarding Condon's regimental history of the 12th Frontier Force Regiment.
  8. Ravi Rajagopalan

    Ravi Rajagopalan New Member

    Yes I realise that. I am keen on 4/12 FF because of their heroism during the retreat from Burma, on which I am writing something.
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    I should have warned you that Condon wrote both the FFR and FFRifs histories - sorry.

    Glad you found a cheap Pentagon Press one. My opinion on the Malaya volume was that it feels more 'sharp end' than the British ones that also have to deal with the strategic big picture. I hope that's true of RFB and it has plenty of battalion-level detail.

    I'd be interested to know what sort of help you've had from the Indian Army. Was it Army or the Regiment? I ask because I'm sure the regimental centres hold a bit of historical information and I've been looking for sources on 2/12 FFR at Kota Bharu.

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