4975744 Pte Leonard HACK, 1st Bn Sherwood Foresters 201 m/g group

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    I'm trying to find more info on (WW2) 4975744 Pte Leonard HACK, 1st Bn Sherwood Foresters 201 m/g group.

    According to his Mentioned in Dispatches citation, Pte Hack was captured at Tobruck 21st Jun 42 and was a p/w at Monturano (Camp 70) at the time of the Italian Armistice.

    On 28th Sep 43 whilst being transferred to Germany, he jumped from the train near Ravenna, injuring his head. He hid out until 29 Jun 44 when British troops arrived.

    Any pictures or more info (201 M/g group) or articles that mention him, other than whats in Ancestry.com or National Archives, would be appreciated. Pte Hack lived in Grimsby. Escape 1.jpg
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    The London Gazette 1/3/1945 shows him as awarded a Mention in Despatches (MiD) as a Gunner in The Royal Artillery. See: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/London/issue/36961/supplement/1187/data.pdf

    Yes, mistakes can happen. A sign that information may not be correct - until you get his full service record.

    An older thread has the battalion's history up to capture at Tobruk, as part of the 201st Guards Brigade: 1st Sherwood Foresters (MOT) Infantry Battalion

    The wartime establishment for an infantry battalion then was 33 officers and 753 men. The Sherwood Foresters after Tobruk assembled 6 officers and 133 men. From g. 251 in Combat and Morale in the North African Campaign: The Eighth Army and the path to El Alamein by Jonathan Fennell (available from Google Books).

    What appears to be a general military history of the days before capture: UK MME 03 British Fortunes Reach Their Lowest Ebb: Chapter 11: The Battle of Gazala (contd.): The Loss of Tobruk
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    Thanks David. I believe he did change to the RA as a gunner.

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