48th Royal Tank Regiment

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  1. Gerry Chester

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    Hi Tom,

    Amongst the material photographed at the National Archives - I was there today also - are your regiment's War Diaries from 1943 on.

    As soon as I get back to the US I will transcribe them, initially starting
    with those relative to the battle on 21 April 1943 covering the failed assault on Djebel Djaffa. A Churchill of your A Squadron bagged Tiger 131 - no one else!

    3 of your O.R.s were killed, and 2 officers and 6 O.R.s injured.


  2. Tom Canning

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    HI Gerry
    When I read that you had been into the Archives- I just KNEW that the truth would emerge after all the BS and that the gunner of 4th Troop 48th RTR would get the recognition he deserves.....

    Incidently I was with 145th RAC - a sister regiment along with 12th RTR making up 21st TB
    so we all KNEW the truth of that action through the Brigade legend which has been so derided in that other thread in pushing a fictitious book - then they wonder why the young have a twisted view of what actually happened - but this is what makes Hollywood so successful I guess with their revisions...

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