4865075 Harold William Partridge, 7th Leicester's? Chindit?

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  1. AB64

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    I'm trying to find if Pte Partridge was a Chindit, I know he enlisted in the Leicester's in 1940, according to the Regimental website he was discharged 15/11/45 and there is no note of him having changed to a different Regiment/Corps - he embarked for overseas 29/9/42 which ties in with 7th Leicester's departure on the Capetown Castle (see http://www.hglambert.co.uk/OverSeas.htm?LMCL=nV6Kpr ) - the 7th became 47 & 74 Column. The same website has entraining rolls for both columns and Pte Partridge isn't listed, but I'm not sure if the entraining rolls are complete or if certain elements of the Columns were counted separately.

    Any thoughts welcome - I know the best way to check would be his service record but I wont go down that route just now as this is one of many men to research so not top priority to spend limited cash.

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    I have not picked him up from any of the nominal rolls I have. As you have seen already, the best chance were the listings on the HG Lambert website. If I come across mention of him, I'll let you know Alistair.
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  3. AB64

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    Thanks for checking, the website is a good one, just a shame it doesn't give the answer I want on this gent - my list of individuals to check when records are released grows ever longer
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    Service number does not come up in casualty lists.
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    I had a look at the casualty lists just in case and noticed the same, he is on some Ancestry family trees but nothing that I can see that mentions War Service - looking at the casualty lists is done with mixed feelings, a hit would be useful but its not really a good feeling to be hoping to find someone was a casualty
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  6. AB64

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    Private Partridge's paybook, nothing in here that gives any real clues


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