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Discussion in 'Recce' started by Diane E, Jan 31, 2016.

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    My Dad is 91 years old. His name is Peter Veitch and he was in the 46th Reconnaissance Regiment from July 1944 to the end of the war. He was 20 years old. He then moved to the Physical Training Corps.

    While in 46th Recce, he was in Italy, Greece, Italy (again) and then Austria. He was in A squadron and was a wireless operator. He said his job was pretty flexible and he moved between 45th Recce and Armoured Division. I don't know what that means, but I guess you all will! :)

    A couple of days ago I decided to have a browse for anything I could find about his regiment. In the meantime, he has been inspired to find his old photos etc and I shall be seeing them this week and showing him what I have found.

    He remembers Captain Douglas Waugh (he called him Dougie Waugh) and said it was DW who promoted him to Lance Corporal towards the end of the war.

    I saw a post by Singeager saying that Douglas Waugh has gifted him various items about the 46th Recce. Is Singeager still posting? We would love to know if anyone from the comrades association is still around and if he finished his transcript of the items.

    If anyone has more information, my Dad would love to hear it. Would anyone like to see any of his photos or stuff he has?

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    Hello & welcome to the forum.
    Singeager was on earlier today, I've left a profile message for him to look at this thread.

    oops, please say hello to your Dad from me .
    Always nice to know about Veterans that are still about.
  3. Diane E

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    Thanks Owen!

    And I certainly will say hello from you :)

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    Hello Diane and welcome to the forum. Lovely to have another Recce's daughter on here :)

    I had the pleasure of meeting Douglas Waugh in Italy in May 2014 at Cassino War Cemetery. He is a delightful man and we have corresponded by letter over the last couple of years. Unfortunately he is not on the internet but I can send you a private message if you would like to get in touch with him. He is still quite active and sprightly at the grand old age of 97, and I am sure he would remember your father. There are a few photos of him on the Italy Star website here:

    Here is one of myself and Doug in 2014


    Edited: Yes please Diane, we would love to see photos of your father and anything else he has too.
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    Hi and welcome to the forum Diane,

  6. Diane E

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    Thank you David, we're all excited now :)

    And thank you Lesley! I'm going to ring my Dad now and tell him. Yes, please pm us with the details :)

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    Yes I'm still active on this site

    A lot of stuff including the war diary is now posted on this link. Please excuse any typo errors, it's taken an age to re type!

    The documents received were not very comprehensive and I've done my best to peace together the missing bits of history



    If I can assist further please ask and will try my best

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    Hello Diane and welcome to the forum​, great to have another Recce on board.

  9. Diane E

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    Thank you very much both Singe and Paul :)
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    Hi Diane,
    read your opening thread, really interested to meet you.

    I messaged you ( I think1) saying I would be interetsted in including your dad in my project. I would love to meet you both. I'm currenlty applying to the Arts Council to help fund this project as I envisage and exhibition of portraits complimented with audio / video stories from each of the participants. It's early days in my research, hope to put a call out in the Liverpool Echo having made contact with a there.

  11. Diane E

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    Hey All, Went to see my Dad today. We had so much to tell and show each other, the day seemed to pass in a flash! I have got a LOT to read, copy, scan and print :)

    I have a few questions for specific members who have very kindly helped me so far. If I write a post, how do I make sure a certain member will see it?


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