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  1. Diane E

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    Hey All,

    Here are 8 lines of my Dad's service Records.

    I have googled and searched the site voraciously and I think I understand lines 1, 2, 3, 4 and 8. Its the others that confuse me.

    Line 1) Sent to Lincoln for general training/assessment (PTW = Primary Training Wing, yes?)

    Line 2) Sent to Catterick for Recce Training

    Line 3) This is when the Reconnaissance Corps joined RAC, yes?

    Line 4) Sent to 80th Recce at Morecambe, which is a holding division and training place, yes?

    Line 5) Does draft just mean 'called up'? Does the code mean anything? A person at 80th Recce wrote this, yes?

    Line 6) He's going to sail to Naples. AFW stands for Army Field Workshop, yes? Does it mean here that the order was written by a person in AFW, or does it mean that he is going to an AFW place/unit after getting to Naples?

    My Dad says that when he got to Naples, he went to Caserta. He thinks he was there for about 2 weeks, maybe more. He did no training or workshop type activities there. He said it was a quiet waiting time, doing things like guard duty.

    Line 7) This is where I get really confused :) Is it 2 lines or just one? TOS is taken on strength yes? So he was 'put on the books', as it were, of the BNAF (I saw the discussions on BNAF/CMF, don't get Tom C started hehe!). But then the line below is a x(iv) isn't it? Which means he's taken off strength and onto the waiting list? The code in the left column, looks at first glance like XLNA to me, but at a stretch could it be X L (iv) A (I saw another thread about an A at the end, where it could mean that a person was active but wasn't recorded as being?). Clear as mud :)

    Whatever this order related to, he was doing it for 3 months apparently (next order is 3 months later)? My Dad says that from Caserta he was put on a very slow train with cattletrucks. They passed Cassino, but he's not sure where they got off. An Assault Troop had lost a wireless operator, so that's what he did first. Definitely no 3 months hanging about.

    Line 8) Officially in the 46th Recce!

    I guess I have just proved the theory that 'a little knowledge is dangerous'. Hope you can help clarify!


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  2. Smudger Jnr

    Smudger Jnr Our Man in Berlin

    RTC (Royal Tank Corps) is not the same as RAC (ROYAL armoured Corps).
    The Recce Corps were incorporated into the RAC.
    TOS could be taken on or off strength.
    Morecambe or Middleton Camp was a holding Training camp mainly for overseas training prior to going abroad into Theatre of war.
    Hope this helps a little.
  3. Tom Canning

    Tom Canning WW2 Veteran WW2 Veteran

    TOS = Taken on strength

    SOS = Struck off strength

    RTC were taken on strength of RAC - same as Recce - don't get me going !

  4. Diane E

    Diane E Member

    Thank you both!
  5. Paul_A_Bell

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    Sorry to crash your post Diane - how do you find out which squadron within 46 recce people were in?

    My grandfather was 46 recce but his records from Glasgow do not say which squadron.


  6. Tony56

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    I’m not Diane, but, as you have found out, service records will generally only show the regiment, you will need other sources, most likely the war diaries. The Regimental Orders contained in the diary appendices may give a list of names in each squadron or soldiers may get a mention when they are promoted or transferred. You may, or may not, get the troop as well.

    Better chance for officers as they often get mentioned by name.

    Other than that it’s notes on the back of photos or the hope a name crops up in other published stories etc.

    You could post the name and any photos you have in the hope that someone may be able to help. I know a case where two people had the same photo of their fathers but one knew the details so was able to pass it on – just pot luck.

    All the best with your research.
  7. Diane E

    Diane E Member

    No problem Paul! How far have you got with your research about your Grandfather?

  8. singeager

    singeager Senior Member

    Tom. Can I ask a rather random question.

    as a tanker it is likey that you would have been issued with the heavy winter tank suit (pixie suit)

    This was I believe designed to be work over the shirt and battledress.

    Was there ever a situation say when the weather improved that it was worn with only the shirt underneath?
    Or would this have resulted in a charge?

    The tank suit with a battledress would be very bulky and restrict movement.
    I would assume that this would be a very undesirable attributes in a tank.

    I would value you recollections on the subject



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