466/135 (M) HAA Regiment Royal Artillery - Locations 1942 -1946

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    I have the full Second World War Territorial Army Record of Service of my father-in-law, Edward Crawford (1904 - 1984). In civilian life Edward was a Monumental Sculptor in Edinburgh.

    I am fairly new to WW2 Army Records of Service. Could someone please

    tell me the 1941 – 1945 locations of 466/135 (M) HAA Regiment Royal Artillery, or

    look up its locations in that period in either Routledge or Farndale.

    Edward’s Army Number was 1815898.

    His first posting was to 210 AA Training Regiment Royal Artillery, Oswestry

    On completion of training he was posted to 466/135 (M) HAA Regiment Royal Artillery, Newcastle upon Tyne.

    He spent the whole of his period of war service - 7 Aug 1941 to 30 Jan 1946 - in the UK, seemingly in the same “unit”.

    He was awarded War Medal 7999/45.

    The Commanding Officer, who signed his Notification of Impending Release was based in Dover on 1/12/1945.

    According to family folklore Edward spent some time billeted/on a gun in a London Park or in an area of London with Park in its name.

    I should be grateful for any info which helps me to find where, other than Newcastle Upon Tyne, 466/135 (M) HAA Regiment Royal Artillery was stationed in the period 1942 to 1945.
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    Did you manage to get the war diaries that were advised about on the other forum?
    If forum members cannot assist with a copy There are a couple of forum members on here who offer a copy service at a reasonable rate

    Andy user name drew5233 or Lee user name psywar.org

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    Clive thanks for your input.

    I have received an email from a Royal Artillery Museum volunteer. It gives details of where 135 HAA was based from 1942 to Dec 1945.

    His message mentions that the Museum’s DRAMA database can produce a précis of the Regiment's War Diaries and that the précis gives a pretty comprehensive description of the battery locations, air raids, changes of command and other events.
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    Ok good luck with you reseach
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    That is very interesting. I'd assumed that the museum had closed completely until 2020, but are you saying that someone can still provide information from their database?

    I'd be interested in any additional info (e.g. contacts, costs of reproducing a diary summary, & so on).
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    While the museum has as yet no new permanent home and many of its artefacts are in storage, the archives are nearly all up and running at Larkhill. A team of volunteers are on hand to carry out research, some of which is free and some for which they will give a quote. Visits to do your own research are, on appointment, possible although prior discussion is advisable.

    Contact is: enquiries@RoyalArtilleryMuseum.com

    There is also, for those so inclined, a Facebook page.

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    Royal Artillery attestations 1883-1942:

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