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  1. Giberville

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    Does anyone know if Reinforcement Holding Units kept war diaries?

    I am seeking information on a Gunner Albert Wells, who died of wounds whilst with this unit. He is buried in Sittard General Cemetery with a handful of other men. I wonder why this place was chosen for burial?

    Also, assume this unit would be out of the action, miles behind the front? Rocket or air raid or accident?

  2. DannyM

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    The War Diary reference numbers for 46 Reinforcement Holding Unit are

    WO 171/3707, 1944 Mar.- Dec
    WO 171/8220, 1945 Jan.- Dec.
    WO 171/10933, 1946 Jan.- Apr.


  3. Giberville

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    Thanks Danny for the references - looks like another visit to Kew. Albert Wells was listed in 9th Medium RA diary - return to unit requested - so I am trying to find out what happened to him.

    Suspect these diaries will be light on detail, however.

  4. RCG

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    Men were usually buried near where they died so he possible died around the Sittard area.
    He died 13th Dec 44. ( 3 days before the start of the battle of the bulge).
    Pvt Albert George Wells ( - 1944) - Find A Grave Memorial
    So must have been wounded very close to that date, as he was not evacuated to the nearest BGH which was the 79th based at Eindhoven 35 mls away. Because he was recorded as being with a RHU at the time of his death, you cannot be sure he was at the place it was situated in.
    This is a map of positions 27th Dec 44. go back a fortnight and the front line would appear to be pretty close to Sittard, near the German border.
    So I would imagine he had been sent from the RHU to the front line, where he was wounded and died.
  5. Giberville

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    Thanks - a good bit of 'detective' work there. That's pushed my research into different directions. I looked at the other RA casualties in Sittard General Cemetery and their regiments as these probably were operating nearby in November/Dec 44: 179 Field RA and 59 Anti-Tank Regiment. Perhaps Gunner Wells was sent out as a reinforcement to one of these and was wounded then? If so, however, why would his details still be recorded as RHU and not as the new regiment he joined?

    On the excellent site about RA regiments in Holland, I found some details of 59th A/T Regiment and they accepted a lot of reinforcements at a date just before Wells died. Could he have been among them?

    Perhaps someone has the full diary of 59 A/T regiment for Nov/Dec 1944?


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