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    Does anyone know if there is any sort of monument or even any signs of the fierce fighting around White City remaining or has the jungle swallowed up all traces of what happened in and around that area. Has anyone in more recent years been able to visit the area, or is it still fairly inhospitable.
    Regards Mark
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    Hi Mark,

    I visited in 2008 with the Royal British Legion tour. Our time spent at White City was short and due to the age and composition of our group, it was not possible to enter the actual scrub jungle that was the Chindit stronghold. A memorial plaque may well be placed at this location very soon.

    Here is a link to a recent thread on the forum, including White City, with other useful links from there.


    Best wishes

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    Thanks for the reply Steve. My Uncle( dads brother)Trooper Edwin Arthur Lunnon , was killed in action at white City. My Father has for many years talked about visiting the site of where his brother was killed.( his body was never recovered). My Father should have gone when he and I were younger as now although reasonably fit, he is well into his eighties and I doubt fit enough for a Jungle visit. The link yo have given me has very interesting photos which I shall show to my father.

    Many thanks for your help.
    Regards Mark
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    Hi Mark,

    I've been searching my records for something else for you. Lieut. Colonel George Astell was on the first Chindit operation in 1943 and so is of interest to me and my research. He went on to command 54 column in 1944 and led this unit in the battle outside White City in April. In the War diary for 77th Brigade HQ is his report on the action.

    See attached images. It is quite possible that Edwin is one of the men reported as missing from 45 Column on the casualty figures on the last page, although we can never be certain of this.

    DSC08456 copy 2.JPG DSC08457 copy 2.JPG DSC08458 copy 2.JPG
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    Wow, fascinating reading. Yes, possible Edwin is one of those missing. I expect even those confirmed killed would possibly not have been buried due to the ebb and flow of battle.
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    My Great is -


    Who died age 20 on 18 April 1944
    Son of John and Margaret Wrrall, of Warrington, Lancashire.

    I work overseas in the Oil and Gas and in 2014 I was working off the coast of Burma. I was always aware that we had relatives who fought in Burma (2 of) but I never really knew much more than that. Anyway I have been to Burma now on a couple of occasions and visited the Taukkyan War Cemetery and flew over my Mother to visit his grave.

    I'm just at the beginning of learning about the war in Burma and I would really like to find out any information if possible about my Great Uncle. After reading the posts on this web site I feel like I have just scrathed the surface in finding what information is out there.

    Thanks and regards,

  7. bamboo43

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    Hi Mark,

    Thank you for your pm this afternoon and for your email contact via my website, Chindit Chasing. According to some paperwork I have for the men of the 16th British Infantry Brigade, I can tell you that Clifford was killed at a place called Henu Chaung on the outskirts of the Chindit stronghold codenamed 'White City.'

    In fact, he was one of the men killed from Chindit Column 54, mentioned in the three page report I posted on this thread last year. See two posts above your post. 45 Recce columns (45 and 54) had moved away from 16th Brigade and went to assist Mike Calvert (77th Indian Infantry Brigade) at White city. They were used as floating protection outside the stronghold, engaging the Japanese as they themselves were attacking the Chindits inside White City.

    Take a look at the report and see if the images can be read. If not, I will send them over to you by email. I noticed on the CWGC website that the additional documents now uploaded against Clifford's entry, show that he was originally buried at Sahmaw War Cemetery, which was one of the main burial sites for Chindit casualties from 1944. See attached.

    The burial report shows his remains were exhumed in June 1954 and re-buried at Taukkyan 29th July 1954.

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  8. bamboo43

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    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for the second message. I will get back to you tomorrow with some more info.

    Best wishes

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    Is there any details on this local

    Rank: Lance Corporal

    Service No: 5675847

    Date of Death: 26/03/1944

    Age: 26

    Regiment/Service: Reconnaissance Corps, R.A.C. 45th Regt.

    Panel Reference: Face 1.

    Additional Information: Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bilton, of Balderton, Nottinghamshire.

    Thanks in advance.
  10. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    Hello What info were you after

    Recce Graves in Myanmar (Burma)

  11. noggin1969

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    I'm trying to update the local ROH and would like to find how Frederick was lost or details of the lead up to it. Many thanks.
  12. CL1

    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    ah righto
    hopefully one of the Recce experts will be along shortly and may be able to assist further

  13. bamboo43

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    Here are two pages from the War diary, both Recce columns were in action on or around the 26th March. Fred is not mentioned I'm afraid, but it is likely he perished during the engagements around the Burmese village of Auktaw.

    Attached Files:

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  14. noggin1969

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    Thank you very much
  15. David Pearson

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    Hi Dave

    How/where did you find the Reconnaissance Journal ?

    I'm looking for photos of my Dad who was in 45th Reconnaissance.


  16. Tony56

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    The Reconnaissance Journals are posted on this forum, this link goes to the index:
    Reconnaissance Journal
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    I recently bought a standard set of four medals (1939-45 Star, Burma Star, War Medal, Defence Medal) to Trooper WT Field 320644. They are privately engraved and there is no documentation with them.

    I had noticed that he was wounded on 18.4.44 whilst serving with 45 Recce (from the Casualty Lists on FindMyPast) and so was a Chindit. This was when 16 Brigade were advancing on Indaw - the 45 Recce War Diaries are posted on this site.

    I would like to find out more about his service. His number suggests he enlisted pre-1942 and was initially Cavalry of The Line. However I don't have a death cert to order his documentation from the MOD and am struggling to find him on the family websites. Any suggestions for routes to follow? Is there a list of 45 Recce personnel anywhere (ie in a Regimental Museum or in private collections?)
  18. Burt

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    Researching my Great Uncle


    Service Number 6474196

    Died 18/04/1944

    Aged 28

    45th Regt.
    Reconnaissance Corps, R.A.C.

    Son of Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Smith, of Tottenham, Middlesex;
    husband of H. Smith, of East Barnet, Hertfordshire.

    My thanks to all of you who have provided answers to our family.
  19. bamboo43

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    Hi Burt,

    As you may have read from post 24 on this thread, it is likely that Herbert was killed during the engagement outside the White City stronghold on the 18 April 1944. I see from his CWGC information that he is remembered upon the Rangoon Memorial.

    Please see attached, two pages from the 45 Recce War diary for April 1944, which shows a list of officers, but not Other Ranks, killed or lost on that day:

    32 copy.jpg 33 copy.jpg
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  20. Burt

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    Thank you Bamboo43 I have read those diaries and of the day he died. They are very enlightening. I will share this info with my uncles, who for years have always wondered what happened to him.
    I have been looking at photos in the albums, specifically 45 Recce.jpg. What would the lance corporals uniform look like?
    I am a member of Ancestry.co.uk but have not found any military records for Herbert. Ive used his service details & number to no avail. How would I find what period he served or enlistment papers? More questions now than when I started.

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