44418 William Joseph STIRLING, Scots Guards attached SAS

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    Personal Number: 44418
    Rank: Major
    Name: William Joseph STIRLING
    Unit: Scots Guards

    London Gazette : 2 September 1932
    S. G'ds—
    2nd Lt. William Joseph STIRLING, from Lovat Scouts, T.A. 29th Jan. 1931, next below 2nd Lt. H. D. Tweedie.

    London Gazette : 30 January 1934
    The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts. 29th Jan. 1934.
    S. G'ds—
    W. J. Stirling.

    London Gazette : 24 January 1936
    S. G'ds.—William Joseph STIRLING (late Lt. S. G'ds.), to be Lt. 25th Jan. 1936, with seniority 29th Jan. 1934.

    London Gazette : 27 July 1945
    Whitehall, July 27, 1945.
    The KING has been pleased, by Warrant under His Majesty's Royal Sign Manual, bearing date the 25th instant, to appoint the following gentlemen to fill vacancies that have occurred amongst the Commissioners under the Forestry Acts, 1919 to 1945: —
    Lieutenant-Colonel William Joseph Stirling of Keir

    London Gazette : 17 August 1951
    S. G'ds.
    Lt. (War Subs. Maj.) W. J. STIRLING OF KEIR (44418) to be Maj., 1st Jan. 1949.

    SOE HS9-1418-6
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