4346669 Private Charles Alfred BROUGHTON, 5th Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment: 06/04/1943

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    Remembering Today

    Service Number 4346669
    Died 06/04/1943
    Aged 26
    5th Bn. East Yorkshire Regiment
    Son of Alfred and Sarah Ann Broughton, of Wortley, Leeds, Yorkshire.
    Location: Tunisia
    Number of casualties: 2525
    Cemetery/memorial reference: Sp. Mem. 17. H. 17.
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    16 Goodwin Road , Leeds C.B., Yorkshire (West Riding)
    Alfred Broughton 02 Jan 1891 Cellar Fireman (Gas Works)
    Sarah A Broughton 02 Nov 1890 Unpaid Domestic Duties
    Charles A Broughton 17 Sep 1916 Bus Conductor
    Jack Broughton 12 Mar 1919 Moulders Labourer
    Robert B Broughton 17 Aug 1922 Driller
    Janet Foster (Broughton) 27 Nov 1924 Tailoress
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    The 6 April 1943 was the start of Operation Scipio, better known as the Batlle of Wadi Akarit. The 69th Infantry Brigade, 50th (Northumbrian) Division [5th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment, & 6th & 7th Bns Green Howards] had the task of attacking up the central plain, whilst the 4th Indian Division advanced over the Jebel Fatnassa range to their left and the 51st (Highland) Division attacked up the coast road/coastal plain.

    It was a very bloody battle.

    Lt-Col. Derek A Seagrim, CO 7th Bn Green Howard’s, who had won the VC at Mareth just over two weeks earlier, was killed here. Pte. Eric Anderson, 5th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment, won the VC posthumously here.

    RIP Pte. Charles A Broughton.
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    I’ve now been able to look up casualty details on CWGC for the 6 and 7 April 1943.

    The 5th Bn East Yorkshire Regiment lost 42 men killed, including 4 officers.

    The 6th & 7th Bns Green Howards together lost 55 men killed, including 2 officers.

    Here are some extracts dealing with Wadi Akarit from forum member Paul Cheall’s excellent website: Wadi Akarit - Bill Cheall's World War 2 diary book story biography

    His father’s reminisces: Wadi Akarit - Bill Cheall's World War 2 diary book story biography

    Brian Moss’ story: Brian Moss - World War 1939 - 45, war diary and biography, world war 2, book, story,WW2

    Wilf Shaw’s reminisces: Wilf Shaw memories - Bill Cheall's World War 1939-45 diary book and biography, ww2 story

    Note: Wilf Shaw passed on 21 March aged 98 years: RIP Wilf Shaw, Veteran, 6th Green Howards

    His funeral is in Oldham, Lancs, this Wednesday coming. Details as posted by Lesley are:
    St Paul's Church, Royton at 1.30 pm, then on to
    Oldham Crematorium within the Hollinwood Cemetery, Roman Road, Hollinwood, Oldham OL8 3LU 2.30 pm.


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