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Discussion in 'RAC & RTR' started by steveinuk, Nov 28, 2016.

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    Is there anyone out there also interested in 43 RTR (1942/43). Looking for some allies who may have any photos or information on these guys?

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    I started a conversation regarding the war diaries. Check your inbox.
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    Morning Steve - My Father Edward Peacock passed away in July 17 and he was a member of the 43rd. He joined in Sept 43 I have his Soldiers release book from July 47 and also a photo of himself and a handful of I suspect his troop in B Sqn as well as their punks wallah he named everyone on the back as wel as their home town/ city. He hold me loads of anecdotal stories of their time in India after 1945 but official records don't seem to exist Regards - Dominic
  5. Drew5233

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    Hi Dominic

    Ref official records there's these regimental war diaries at the National Archives.

    WO 166/11096 43 Royal Tank Regiment 1943 Jan.-Dec.
    WO 166/14601 43 Royal Tank Regiment 1944 Jan.-Dec.
    WO 166/16616 43 Royal Tank Regiment 1945 Jan.-Apr., June
    WO 172/7341 43 Royal Tank Regiment 1945 July - Dec.
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    Hi. As an ex RTR soldier I couldn't but notice your profile pic is of the scots greys, ( now known as the Scots dragoon guards). Did he serve on the Scots and RTR ?

  7. William vanns

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    Hello if you are still active. My grandfather was B squadron 43 rtr
  8. William vanns

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    Please send me photos, if you are still active my grandad was B Sqn 43rd rtr in 1946

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