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    The 43 Group was an English anti-fascist group set up by Jewish ex-servicemen after World War II. They did this when, upon returning to London, they encountered British fascist organisations such as Jeffrey Hamm's British League of Ex-Servicemen and later Oswald Mosley's reformed fascist party, the Union Movement. The activities of these fascist groups included antisemitic speeches in public places, and from the rank-and-file fascists, violent attacks on London Jews and Jewish property.[1] Group members broke up far-right meetings, infiltrated fascist groups, and attacked the fascists in street fighting.[2]



    The BBC are producing a 6 part drama based on the 43 Group after spending 3 years interviewing its remaining members.
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    CL1 116th LAA and 92nd (Loyals) LAA,Royal Artillery Patron

    NBC Developing WWII Miniseries with BBC About Jews Who Fought Nazis in Britain (EXCLUSIVE)

    SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 | 03:31PM PT
    Elizabeth Wagmeister
    NBC is developing a World War II miniseries, in collaboration with the BBC, Variety has learned exclusively.

    Titled “The 43,” the six-part drama would chronicle the true story of a Jewish vigilante group who, between the years of 1946 and 1950, fought the rise of fascism that was emerging on the streets of Britain. Then, in 1950, having won the war against the British Nazis, the group disappeared, taking their story with them for nearly 70 years — until now.

    “Band of Brothers” writer/producer Erik Jendresen will pen the project, for which research was done by Daniel Sonabend and Luke Brandon Field.

    Josh Sugarman, Will Gould, Brian O’Shea (“Drive,” “Rabbit Hole”) will serve as exec producers. The project hails from Sugarman’s Tenafly Film Co., Gould’s Tiger Aspect Drama and O’Shea’s The Exchange.

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    ***An appeal to anyone with connections to the 43 Group*** - Ex-members, family, friends and witnesses.

    Dear All

    My name is Catherine and I am a third year History student from Newcastle University. I am in the process of writing a dissertation on the 43 Group and exploring Jewish identity. My great uncle Phil Evans (known as Philip Evansky) was a member of the movement and is mentioned briefly in Morris Beckman's memoirs. I am looking to interview anyone with connections to the group and would be extremely grateful if anyone who is interested could make contact and send a message through this forum.

    Very much looking forward to the drama series.

    Catherine Evans
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    Hi Catherine & Welcome aboard !

    My own group was 48 and so I was not released from the Forces until about a year later than those in the 43 group.

    You will no doubt know that Mosley and his henchmen were still very active in 1947 and as a recently joined member of AJEX I found myself actively involved in their fight against antisemitism and against Mosley in particular.

    I remember very well attending his meetings at Ridley Rd.and being tasked with the role of watching the funds collection taking place and trying to ascertain the weekly amounts being collected !

    If you havn't already done so, contact Martin Sugarman at AJEX for help in your research.

    Best regards

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    Thank for your reply Ron, I really appreciate the time you took to respond. I will definitely follow that link up.

    Would you mind if I sent you a message on here?

    Best wishes

  6. Ron Goldstein

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    No problem, just send me a PM

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    Mosley and his wife Diana never gave up their fascist beliefs to the end.

    Diana according to accounts was enthralled by Hitler.

    I remember while retired to Paris,it was said that Mosley still held the belief that his country would call for his service in their hour of need
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    I am guessing that this TV miniseries is still in development or did not get made since I can't find any announcements about it?

    And there aren't any books about 43 Group anti-fascist activities?
  9. Chris C

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    P.S. according to something in a sort of online discussion, the "43 group" name was based on there having been 43 people in a room together. But Ron, from what you're saying, maybe that's not the case - were they all in the same demob group or something like that?
  10. Ron Goldstein

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    All the same group , namely 43

    I was actually in 48 group so therefore younger

  11. Chris C

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    Hi Ron,

    I'm afraid I feel rather stupid, but what was 48 Group, then? How was it different from 43 Group? Did you have the same objectives, but was it a totally different set of people? Or was there overlap? Why was 48 Group called that?

    I tried searching for 48 Group online to answer my questions and found nothing - sorry!
  12. Ron Goldstein

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    I'll keep it simple....
    The group was simply a number that was given to servicemèn overseas that marked the order in which they would be sent home based on age and length of overseas service.
    Group 43 were servicemen that had been abroad for, I would guess, since 1941/2 whereas I diid not arrive in North Africa until April 1943..

  13. Chris C

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    Thanks, Ron!

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