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    Had a look on the forum couldn't see his unit.
    I have about 30 pages of service records, which are the best pages to post to try and find out where he served, also were is the best place to post them, here or the Royal Artillery Forum.
    That's if I can get permission of his family to do so

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    It would be ideal if you could post all of the pages as it’s often the case that some details are only recorded on certain forms but the most important/helpful are the B103 forms - there may be several of them in the file.

    Just post the forms in this thread.

    If confidentiality is an issue you can always put a sheet of paper over a sensitive issue before you take a photo or scan the forms.

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    Ok Steve thanks for that
    I have managed to scan a few of the small pages so will post them up now, I will try and sort out the other pages later.
    Just tried to upload the file but its to large , trying to re scan pages
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    Just resize the pics below 2mb then you will be able to upload
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    Thanks CL 1 I think I did it
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    Looking at the first B103 coving the period 1940 until 1942 I can see that he served in BEF April to June 1940 with 175 Battery, 85th Heavy Anti Aircraft Regiment RA -

    85th (Tees) Heavy Anti-Aircraft Regiment, Royal Artillery - Wikipedia

    His unit appears to have been posted to Gloucester by July 1940 as he is shown as being there when he is awarded 7 days detention for being absent without leave.

    The next entry April 1941 suggests he was attached to ECTC (perhaps Eastern Command Training Centre?) 216 Searchlight Regiment RA at Kimnel (sic - actually Kinmel Camp in North Wales).

    He was posted Y list in anticipation of his extended absence from his parent unit.

    The May 1941 entry suggests the purpose of his posting to Kinmel was for a Army Cookery Training Course as he was reclassified as Class 1 (Non Tradesman) Cook in late May 1941 and likely returned to his unit in that role.

    Home forces units regularly moved around U.K. and the next entry shows he went on 2 weeks leave on discharge from Bodmin Hospital 12th December 1941 but I can’t make out the unit location.

    By August 1942 his unit was in Kent as his record shows he was admitted to Wellsborough Hospital near Ashford 8th August and he was discharged from Chatham Military Hospital 12th August 1942.

    He clearly had health issues during this period - being reclassified B3 in Sept 1940 and upgraded to A3 in February 1942.

    The last entry shows he was granted the usual Service Proficiency Pay increase of 3d per day 1st September 1942 - the third anniversary of his embodiment.

    I shall look at the other forms tomorrow unless another member does so in the meantime.

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    The second B103 covers the period Sept 1942 until May 1943.

    The first entry covers his transfer to the Army Catering Corps 29th August 1942 as a Non Tradesman Class I although he remains with 175 Battery, 85th Regiment HAA which was still in Ashford, Kent.

    By November 1942 the unit is in Leeds, Yorkshire and he is admitted to Hemlington Emergency War Hospital (former Middlesbrough Smallpox Hospital). As per Army Regulations he was posted to Y List 1st December 1942 having been absent from his unit for 21 days.

    He was presumably discharged from Hospital in early January 1943 when he would likely go on 2 weeks leave before being posted to ACC Training Centre Admin Battalion at Aldershot 22nd January 1943.

    He is permanently attached to 2nd Lines of Communication (Regiment/ Company?) Royal Signals at Wimbledon 16th March 1943 and is immediately posted to 12th Lines of Communications unit.

    The last entry dated 29th May 1943 confirms his classification as Cook(Class BII) whilst still serving with 12th Lines of Communication unit at Hayes, Middlesex.

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    Page 3 of the B103 covers the period from April 1944 until his enlistment into the Post War Territorial Army in 1947.

    In April 1944 he spends another week in Hemlington Hospital, Middlesbrough. I’d surmise that he might’ve been admitted whilst at home on leave.

    He embarks for France 13th June 1944 but I cannot make out his unit at that time.

    The next entry on his record is an August 1945 medical that confirms his medical category as A3. He is serving with 12th Line of Communication Unit at that time.

    In early October 1945 he returns to U.K. pending his discharge from the Army and would likely spend most of the time on leave until his discharge to Class Z Army Reserve (normal post war demobilisation) 18th December 1945.

    He is struck off the Class Z Reserve in his re-enlistment into the post war TA in May 1947.

    There may be more detail in his B102 form - the central index card which contains shorthand details of his movements and postings.

    Edit to Add

    From the portion of his Statement of Service form I see he was mobilised in late Sept 1938 for a fortnight. This was the time of the Munich crisis. He was again mobilised for a short period in July 1939 before being embodied 1st September during the pre war mobilisation process.

    I also note that his WW2 Campaign Medals were issued to him in 1948 - comprising 1939/45 Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal and War Medal. He was issued with the (Territorial) Efficiency Medal (12 years service with war service counting double) with the first clasp (for an additional 6 years service) in 1951.

    Efficiency Medal - Wikipedia

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    Well thank you very much Steve, this is great.

    I was talking to his son and he told me that Eddie was at Dunkirk .
    He has his fathers personal diary from when he was in France and Germany, as you can imagine its quite graphic.
    Would there be war diaries for his battalion when they were in France and Germany, or even the UK.
    I had a quick look through his service records and can find no mention of a B102 form, their was a B200
    I will get my Daughter to take some pictures of the other pages.

    Once again thanks for all your hard work Steve

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    Hi Kim,

    You’re welcome.

    Unit War Diaries will be available for his service throughout the war.

    Your best bet would be to contact one of the forum members who offer a look up and copy service via Forum Personal Message system. Try Drew5233 or PsyWar.Org - Drew has a special interest in BEF 1940 and is ex Royal Signals himself so may be best placed to help you with his 1943/45 L of C Signals postings.

    Good Luck

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    Thank you for your reply and once again you have been very helpful.

    I will see if I can get hold of Drew5233 and tell him you have pointed me in his direction.

    Once again, thank you.

    Hope you had a good Christmas a have a great New Year.

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    Would anyone know what this Unit is N.W.E

    Capture.JPG eddie.JPG



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    NWE, 1944/5 = (Theatre of operations) North West Europe
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    Thanks for clearing that up dbf, I thought I had found the unit he was with

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  18. Tullybrone

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    Up thread I posted he was in 12th Line if Communications Royal Signals? Not sure if it was a Regiment or otherwise

    Did you not contact Drew as advised?

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    Hi Steve
    I got hold of Drew and got the BEF diaries thank you both,but he could not read what Unit he was in when he Embarked in 1944. I have since emailed the RA and am waiting on a reply.

    My G Uncles son still says he was in the RA. when he went back in 1944

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    Hi Guys
    Just a quick question, I have just received another of my G Uncles Service Records, should I post pages here or start another thread.

    He was in the NF and then DLI. thanks



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