41 Indian General Hospital

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    41 Indian General Hospital Dec 41 – Nov 45


    23 Dec 1941 in Lucknow and sailed on HT Karoa to Rangoon arriving 31 Dec. Then went on to BI Lines in Alexandra Barracks in Maymo. Tented and planned to have 400 beds with an HQ and 4 Sections. Received 136 patients from BMH Mingladon.

    Caught up in the Retreat from Burma to Imphal and stayed in Imphal.

    21 Dec 1942 moved to Leimagong and based in old camp hospital vacated by 4th Assam Rifles.

    10 Mar 1944 order to cease evacuation of patients except those requiring more than 14 days in hospital but only 68 patients remained. Informed 14 BGH would take over 500 beds from 11 Mar 1944 for British troops with 41 IGH having 500 beds for Indian troops.

    18 Mar Female staff evacuated and hospital area to be defended by 4 Madras Regt.

    21 Mar 88 IGH advanced party arrived

    28 Mar orders received for 88 and 89 IGHs to move from hospital area. On 30 March 41 IGH moved to Mussel Box and all its patients were moved to 88 IGH, 19 CCS and 64 Fd Amb. They went back over the next few days and collected all their equipment. At this time 4 Mobile Sugical Unit was attached.

    4 Apr 100 beds set up in Trout Box, increasing to 250 the next day with 56 patients admitted. By 7 Apr they had 460 beds available. From 28 Apr they were transferred to Skate Box for admin, supplies etc. On 1 May they had a capacity of 1000 beds.

    Early August a move back to Leimagong was warned but it was cancelled and they stayed at their location in Trout Box and operated there for the rest of 1944. On 17 January 1945 orders were received to close the hospital and move to 551 LOC Area but, having evacuated all their patients to other hospitals, it was cancelled three days later so they resumed operation.

    They remained operating at the same location until June 1945 when the hospital was closed pending a move which commenced on 18 August. They went to ‘C’ Camp, CTG in Chittagong whilst an advanced party went to Meiktila. However it seems the Meiktila move did not happen and they were still in Chittagong at the end of September 1945.
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