408 Squadron RCAF - July 29, 1944

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    Royal Canadian Air Force’s 408 “Goose” Squadron suffered the loss of 4 aircraft on a raid to Hamburg on July 29th, 1944.
    This operation ended with a record loss of Canadians from the squadron on a single operation during the entire war. From the 239 aircraft that No. 6 Group, the only Royal Canadian Air Force group in Bomber Command, put in the air that night, four of the 22 that went missing were from 408 Squadron. Lancasters LL-687, DS-634 and LL-725, and Halifax NP-716 failed to return from the operation.

    Of the 31 men in these four crews, 24 were killed and seven captured as prisoners of war. 408 Squadron became active in June 1941 and flew 4,610 sorties before war's end. It lost 170 aircraft with 933 crew being killed or taken prisoner.


    Crew of Lancaster II DS-634 coded EQ-A, crashed at 01:30 west of Spieka, Germany. Of the eight crewmen, two were killed and six were taken prisoner:
    Pilot Officer G. Boehmer – RCAF (prisoner of war)

    Sergeant Bernard Mathew Hofforth – RCAF

    Warrant Officer Class 2 L. Phipps – RCAF (prisoner of war)

    Pilot Officer Ernest Albert Goodwin – RCAF

    Sergeant L. Rourke – RAF (prisoner of war)

    Sergeant A. Ducharme – RCAF (prisoner of war)

    Flying Officer S. Coffe – RCAF (prisoner of war)

    Flight Sergeant E. Wulff – RCAF (prisoner of war)

    Crew of Lancaster II LL-687 coded EQ-M, crashed near Spreckens, 56 kilometres west of Hamburg. Of the eight crewmen, seven were killed and one was taken prisoner:
    Flying Officer Donal Thomas Ryan – RCAF

    Sergeant David Scott – RAF (prisoner of war)

    Pilot Officer Robert Daniel Whitson – RCAF

    Pilot Officer Alan Howard Durnin – RCAF

    Flight Lieutenant Gordon Croucher – RCAF

    Pilot Officer Joseph Laurent Andre Blais – RCAF

    Pilot Officer Harold Edmund Truscott – RCAF

    Pilot Officer John Alexander Kay Imrie – RCAF

    Crew of Lancaster II LL-725 coded EQ-C, failed to return from operation over Hamburg. Aircraft was lost without a trace. All eight crewmen were killed:
    Pilot Officer John Harold Alexander McCaffrey – RCAF

    Pilot Officer Rex Harris Mitchell – RCAF

    Sergeant Francis Fearns (in English) – RAF

    Flying Officer Gordon Everett Cameron – RCAF

    Pilot Officer Arthur Frank Marsden – RCAF

    Pilot Officer Lorne Francis Cassidy – RCAF

    Flight Sergeant Albert Edward Candline – RCAF

    Sergeant George Richard Harvey (in English) – RAF

    Crew of Halifax VII NP-716 coded EQ-P, failed to return from operation over Hamburg. It was claimed they were shot down at 01:29 by Lieutenant Rolf Ebhardt of 8NJG1. All seven crewmen were killed:
    Squadron Leader Gerald Bennett Latimer – RCAF

    Sergeant Richard Strickland Westrope (in English) – RAF

    Second Lieutenant A. A. Hauzenberger (no information) – United States Air Force

    Warrant Officer Class 1 John Dingwall – RCAF

    Flying Officer Quinten Thomas Russell Grierson – RCAF

    Flying Officer Clarence Francis McDougall – RCAF

    Flying Officer Jerry Taylor Guthrie – RCAF

    Royal Canadian Air Force | News Article | For Freedom: Remembering the lost 408 Squadron bomber crews of the Hamburg raids
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    somehow, I am missing a question, or did you just wanted to report this loss?

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