40 Years of the Barcode

Discussion in 'The Barracks' started by CL1, Oct 3, 2019.

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  2. Robert-w

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    It was located not far from Geoff Capes' restaurant which served amongst other curiosities Genghis Khan Hot Pot. I was there in the early 80s as Geeste were one of my clients.

    I remember when a barcode was Always use your right hand to pick up peanuts from the bowl, don't pick up the wrong glass etc.

    Actually a form of bar code was in use at Rolls Royce back in 1968. It was called Mark Sensing and used to label engine spares
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    I remember my brother who worked for Smiths telling me all about the system back in the day. This was followed about a decade later by EPOS.
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    Spalding is my home town. I remember the fuss back in the day when something of actual significance happened in Spalding - apart from an early music festival where Jimi Hendrix was a £5 (?!) back up act.

    Keymarkets went ages ago and the location is now occupied by Morrisons.
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    Bit confused by this. We were using bar codes and Plessey Light Pens long before 1979 in Green Shield & Argos.
  6. Robert-w

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    The first bar code reader was built and patented in 1952 and various forms of bar code were used in industry. The first retail use was in the USA in 1972 so it's been around a lot longer than 40 years. The concept was patented in 1949 70 years ago
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