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    Not much regarding maps in "Only the Enemy in Front" but several small maps with not too much detail in the book " The Fourth Division 1939 to 1945 " (4th British Infantry Division)
    Hugh Williamson
    Military Library Research Services Ltd

    Hope this helps.

  2. Thanks Tom. I'll see if I can get that book.
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    Hello Christopher,

    I have just checked out my copy of Only the Enemy in Front and only pages 209-213 relate to 4 Recce in Italy and there is no map. If you send me a private message I will scan them and send them on to you. From the places named you will be able to work out their route.


  4. Thanks Vitellino - that would be much appreciated!
  5. Ok so I've got the Service Records now from the Army. Wow - 20 pages! His brother (My Grandfather) Ken's Royal Naval record was only 4 pages!

    Anyway - it shows he was with the Royal Fusiliers (London Regiment) and went to France/Belgium (12th Infantry Battalion, 2nd Echelon) and was evacuated (1 June 1940)

    Joined 4 Recce on 3/1/1941

    Eventually disembarked into North Africa 23/03/1943 (Tunisia I think) - I Haven't seen any war diaries yet, but does anyone know where they actually got off the ship?

    He Arrived 6 March 1944 in Italy in Naples - and I sort of know what happens from here.

    I'm interested in finding out some more about 4 Recce in Tunisia and I probably need to look at some sort of Fusiliers thread to get some details of how that all went before he transferred to 4 Recce... any more pointers appreciated!
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    Will scan Tunisia pages from Only the Enemy in Front and send them on.
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  7. Thanks so much Vitellino - you are very resourceful and I do appreciate it.
  8. My Great Uncle (on the right) in Italy February 1944. Relaxing by a fence with unknown fellow 4 Recce.

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    Thanks for posting photo

  10. Photo taken February 1944.

    72 Years ago to the day, killed by German booby trap. Rest in peace.

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