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    For what it's worth, these are the group photos I have with names.

    They have names because they were put in the family albums by my grandmother, who was a WAAF in the war, and then went with new husband when he was posted to Nigeria and Germany in the late 40's and early 50's. They married in 1947.

    East Fortune Ops Room June 1942-August 1943.jpg

    Caption is "East Fortune Ops Room [my Grandmother was there from] June 1942- August 1943"


    K Reid- A Smith - EV Bowie- J Woomack A Goggins G O'Connel

    J Steel- N Burfield- R Evans- DKF (Diana Kathleen Floyd, my grandmother) M Agge- E Cox J Manning M Smith V Dowty

    Sgt Hunter- Sgt Hall- P/O Thornley- Flt. Lt Kitchener- F/O Wool- Lewis- P/O Taylor- Cpl Allen

    D Egan- Marion Smith- J Goudie- J Cowan- C Read- M Bennet- B Charmley- P Edwards- D Calow

    Hockey Team 1948. Vallance, Rogers, WDB, Pip Wenham (CO), Spink, Nobbie Clarke..jpg

    :"Hockey Team 1948. [1948 so I'm afraid only the white guys have names...] Vallance, Rogers, WDB, Pip Wenham (CO), Spink, Nobbie Clarke"


    Back Row:
    Sgt Green, Sgt Wright, Cpl Gunn, Pte Studd, Cpl French, Sgt Olscher, Sgt Collier.

    Middle Row.
    Sgt Renwick, Staff Sgt Wilmot, CSM Yorke, Captain WD Breare, Staff Sgt Darnell, Sgt Mitchell, Sgt Bradshaw.

    Front Row
    Cpl Clegg, Cpl Fischer, Cpl Mackenzie, Pte Luckhurst. Dogs unknown!

    Germany 2.jpg

    "Monty's vigilantes - Cpl Collier (non-visible!) Sgt Fieldhouse - gap - Capt Breare Sgt Mjr Yorke - gap - Cpl Olscher Sgt Moss"
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    ps sorry it took ages, I still haven't got the hang of doing photos here.

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