4 composite laa battery.

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    Hi all, my father was posted to n/w europe with this battery in sept 1944.i can't seem to find any info re his movements during this time. i'm pretty new to millitary research so maybe i'm looking in the wrong place.if anyone could any info on this battery i'd be grateful. i'll post a page from my dad's service records and that will give some info on his service with the R.A.

    cheers,john. james docherty's army record 021.JPG james docherty's army record 025.JPG
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  3. sligoglaswegian

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    thanks owen, i wonder if drew has access to this diary?
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    thanks owen,pm sent to lee.
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    I replied to you on another forum as it wasn't clear if it was a Battery or Regiment (There was two possible diaries). I see from the records it is indeed a battery so the one Owen has mentioned is correct. Lee will give you a fair quote for copying the diary for you-Our services differ very little.


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