3rd The King's Own Hussars B Squadron

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    Hello, I believe these men are from B Squadron, 3rd The King's Own Hussars c. 1940-1944. I am looking for any info anyone can provide/clues - the names are written on the back but I don't think they're in order:

    Lt. Chilcott
    Sgt. Elliott
    Cpl. Kirby (bottom left)
    Cpl. Macfarlane
    L/Cpl. Coleman
    L/Cpl. Sinnott
    L/Cpl. Farmer
    L/Cpl. Ruane
    Tpa. Rice
    Tpa. Goody
    Tpa. Reynolds
    Tpa. Gundall

    Thank you in advance!

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    Lt Richard Chilcott is mentioned in Pippin's Progress by Richard Heseltine as being with B Squadron 3H. p242

    The Army Lists has him with the
    1940 4/7 Royal Dragoon Guards as a 2nd Lieutenant
    1941 RAC as Lieutenant
    1942 4/7 RDG as Lieutenant

    The photo is circa 1941.
    The other names don't come up in the Forgotten Squadron except possibly Farmer. There is a POW Sgt Albert Farmer.

    Regards, Kay
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    Hjj in just wondering if you have any photos which include a Sgt George J. Good? I believe he was A Squadron. He died on 2nd November at El Alamein. Thank you.
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    Kayj64 added:
    I doubt that the photo is from 1941. The British Army only received small numbers of Sherman tanks in October 1942, when they were rushed through to the 8th Army. After the Second Battle of El Alamein (23 October – 11 November 1942) the 9th Armoured Brigade was withdrawn to Syria to re-equip and then went onto Italy. The background in the photo gives no real clues and the uniforms appear to be a lighter shade of khaki. The tank number displayed might give experts a clue: T148695 (NT Google).


    I notice in the other thread, which has another photo from Italy 1944 for 'C' Squadron, the Sherman tank has a partially visible number: T1494??. So 800 digits different. Plus the uniforms appear to be lighter khaki. See: 3rd Hussars C Squadron Italy 1944
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    3H C Squadron Italy 1944 T1494?

    the date scribbled on the back is 17/2/1944, so it could be Syria rather than Italy
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    B Squadron 3H
    A few names came up on Forces War Records as being 3H.
    The others could have been attached to 3H from other Royal Armoured Corps regiments
    Unfortunately no reference to squadron.

    Cpl Kirby Edward Walter George 5957156 RAC 3H
    L/Cpl Farmer W G 7943870 RAC 3H
    Tpr Reynolds A 7920855 RAC 3H
    Tpr Mouse E C 4467284 RAC 3H
    Tpr Flanagan Henry 14527058 RAC 3H
    Tpr Payne D 6979598 RAC 3H


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