3rd Reconnaissance Regt (NF) War Diaries

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    The photos of 3 Recce Regt at Schloss Bensberg that RJW refers to are here.
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    While studying the diaries I came a cross an interesting map, see attachment.

    Could some one tell me what the X 912 means in the legend. On several places of the map you will see "X" and a "9##" (e.g. 904 or 903). The legend says "D.F" and "task"???

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Guido,

    DF means Defensive Fire. Targets were pre-planned on likely locations that the enemy might use in the event of an attack. With the X marking the position and a serial number. Targets could be engaged by supporting artillery or by the Regiment's own mortars. The most critical targets were termed DF (SOS) which meant that guns not otherwise engaged on a task were loaded and layed on it.

    The Operational Order that this trace is attached to does not list the serial numbers. So it is a job for Photoshop to superimpose the trace onto the map. :D



    p.s. Just seen you've already superimposed the trace!
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    Thank you Richard for the information!
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    Here are some nominal rolls (Appendix I of War Diary May 1944) which I seem to have not posted before. They are interesting because those listed as leaving camp on 16 & 17 May are those who comprised the Contact Detachments and the Beach Traffic Control Groups who landed on D-Day. Those who left on 11 May were posted to 1st Reinforcements.

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    Richard thanks for posting.

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    I would like to thank everyone on this forum for posting the incredibly helpful information.

    I am researching my father John Edgar Rogerson who served with 3rd Recce pretty much from the beginning I believe. He attended Sandhurst in 1943 and was commissioned subsequently. He was Mentioned in Despatches and won the MC in Vierlingsbeek in November 1944. A couple of questions please...

    In some documents his rank is shown as w/lt - this is something I have not come across before?
    I see mention of the History of the 3rd Recconaissance (NF) - is it possible to get a copy of this?
    He told me (many years ago, as he died in 1976) that at the end of the war he was a "Town Captain" Germany - has anyone come across this role elsewhere and give me some information?


    Andrew Rogerson
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    Hello Andrew,

    First a belated welcome to the forum.

    My father (Lt William Lewis) also served in 3 Recce Regt. Is your father in any pictures in this thread? Recce Photo ID - 3rd Division?

    W/Lt = War Substantive Lieutenant. A rank for the duration of the war, after which they would revert to their Substantive rank.

    "Town Captain" Germany. I’ve heard of Town Majors. See this thread: "Town Major"

    I have just put a copy of this on the forum. History of 3rd Reconnaissance Regt (N.F.)



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