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    hi everyone, im new here and ive been trying to research my grandfathers military history. His name was Edwin George New. According to his record of service his army number was 6914690, and he was in the 3rd recce corps. He started in the rifle brigade dated 16/10/39 and joined the recce's on 30/4/41. Finally it says he then joined the RAC on 1/1/44. From what ive seen on other records he recieved a letter commending him for the capture of four prisoners, it says he was in 3rd recce regt (N.F). i was told what the NF may have meant but sadly i cant remember what it was (no pen at the time). I think it was where he may have been based, further north in england. even though he lived in london. Does anyone know where i can find more info about him and the 3rd recce corps?
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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Do you know much about his 1940 service? Most of The Rifle Brigade surrendered at Calais.

    More importantly - any pictures? :D

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    Welcome to the Forum

    3rd (Royal Northumberland Fusilers) Reconnaissance Regiment

    April 1941: Formed mainly from the 8th Royal Northumberland Fusiliers.
    30th April 1941 – Renamed 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion
    6th June 1942 - Renamed 3rd Reconnaissance Regiment
    1st January 1944 – Renamed 3rd Reconnaissance Regiment RAC
    10th August 1945: Disbanded

    Commanding Officers
    Lt-Col. E. H. D. Grimley
    Lt-Col. E. L. Bols,
    Lt-Col. H. H. Merriman, D.S.O., M.C., T.D., [Queen' s Royal Regiment]
    Lt-Col. J. K. Warner, M.C.

    3rd Recce Regiment was stationed at Langholm, Dumfriesshire at beginning of 1944 before embarking for Normandy in June 1944. Fought in the Invasion of Normandy and throughout the campaign in North-West Europe.

    For more information try getting a copy of Only the Enemy in Front - The Recce Corps at War 1940-1946 by Richard Doherty .

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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    For more information try getting a copy of Only the Enemy in Front - The Recce Corps at War 1940-1946 by Richard Doherty .

    Great advice from Paul. A must have book for people interested in the Reconnaissance Corps.

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    thanks everyone, ill search for the book and place an order
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    Hi again guys, not posted anything in a while but have a question that's bugging me..My father, Sergeant Haydn Jeffries was one of the lucky ones that made it home. I know there was an A and a B squadron in 3rd Recce but how can I find out which squadron he was in? When I read the thrilling diaries kindly put on here by a member, I wonder which of the pages might apply to him. 1944 -1945 Many thanks..
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    Try looking at the appendices attached to the end of each months diary.

    They provide a lot of information with personel being transferred etc and you may see the name and the Squadron.

    Good hunting.

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    Hello Lyn,
    When copying the war diaries I was keeping an eye out for lists of personnel, but apart from plenty of Officer's Returns, there wasn't much. I posted some Pt II orders which had a few names, but cannot see your father's name. Some war diaries do have lists of ORs but I don't remember seeing anything in 3 Recce's file.
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    Hello All,

    I have started some research into my Grandfather who was a trooper with the 3rd recce regiment and I have hit a similar wall as Foxeye. Im trying to establish what squadron he would have been a a part of but i havnt had any luck as of yet. His name was Harold Pickersgill has anyone come across that name at all?

    From reading the war diaries i see that one of the recce squadrons landed on D Day at sword with the rest of the regiment arriving later on the 19th at Courseulles Sur Mere. His personal records state that he left for N.W.E on the 19th however my mum is sure that he landed at sword so that doesn't help to narrow it down. Post war he stayed in the area and play a large part of arranging the memorials to the 3rd div at Hermanville as well as multiple other memorials in the area.

    Any info on where to look next or if anyone has come across the name it would be much appreciated.


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    Hi Adrian

    His service records should tell you the dates and locations you are after - the link for them via the MOD is - Request records of deceased service personnel - GOV.UK



    I think part of one of the squadrons landed on D Day as a Beach Traffic Control Group which landed with the assaulting troops under the command respectively of Major Gaskell and Major Gill.

    A & B Squadrons arrived on the 19th June 1944 and C Squadron arrived sometime in Aug (Not Aug at all but in fact 3rd July - must get my brain tested!!) 1944 I believe
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    Hello Adrian,

    About 100 officers and ORs from various squadrons formed Contact Detachments, providing communications, and Beach Traffic Control Groups. These landed on D-Day with 3 Inf Div (Sword beach). A nominal roll of these men is at 3rd Reconnaissance Regt (NF) War Diaries post #45. Pickersgill is not on the list.

    He does, however appear on Routine Orders, 8 Mar 45 (3rd Reconnaissance Regt (NF) War Diaries post #30).

    4698864 Trooper Pickersgill, H ‘HQ’ Sqn Appointed U/A/L Cpl.


    p.s. U/A/L Cpl = Unpaid Acting Lance Corporal
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    Thanks Richard, much appreciated!

    Enjoy your Easter weekend.

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    Hi Adrian welcome to the forum. great to have another Recce on board


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