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    Hi all. Hope i have posted this in the right place.My grandfather Trooper Arthur Vaughan served with 3rd Carbs and is interned in Imphal. He is with 8 others who fell on the same day. 8th May 1944. Over the years i have spoken with veterans to try and find out what happened on that day.

    Service records and death certificate just state killed in action. I know they wont go into much detail but it would give some closure on how it happened.

    I obtained war diaries from the tank museum a while a go and it states there were 2 tanks hit that day at pot and pans. Would there be any records out there that would state who was assigned to those tanks. I think from memory it just gave the names of the drivers.

    At the moment nobody knows how my grandfather was killed but i presume there must be something somewhere surely.

    I would greatly appreciate any info or help from anyone who could point me in the right direction. All suggestions are greatly recieved.

    Thanks all

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    Hi Rob,

    Welcom to the forum. I'm sorry for I cant help you with your original question. Maybe you already know but in the Perrett's book "Tank Track to Rangoon" you can find a quite detailed account about the battle at Potsangbam on the 8th May. Good luck with your research.

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    Hi Rob

    There is no detail at all on actions during May 1944 in the regimental history.

    Bryan Perret's book, "Tank Tracks to Rangoon" describes a fierce action at Potsangbam on 8th May involving a force composed of the 9th Battalion, 14th Punjab Regiment, two troops from "A" Squadron, 3rd Carabiniers, a troop of Stuarts from the 7th Cavalry and two Valentine bridgelayers.

    The first section is based on an account by Lt. F.A. Shepherd, one of the troop leaders. During the approach to the village a number of nullahs had to be crossed. At the first, the leading tank overturned, crushing several Indian sappers who were riding on the tank. The first two nullahs were then crossed using bridges laid by the Valentines. Fire then was received from the wood screening the village. Shepherd’s tank then lost a track on a mine. Then tank “5 Able” hit a mine whilst withdrawing due to problems with fuel leakage. Another tank, “3 Baker” appeard to have ditched. Tank “3 Able” came up to help but ran low on fuel, possibly having been hit in the fuel tanks by an anti-tank gun. Another tank, “Mike Charlie” under Sergeant Davis cam up and engaged an anti-tank gun. Shepherd’s tank was then hit and the crew later bailed out. Other tanks involved were “Mike 12”, the tank used by the F.O.O., “Mike 4” and “Mike 5”. Both “Mike 12” and “Mike 5” lost tracks.

    A further account by the other troop leader describes Corporal Litchfield’s tank burning furiously, having lost a track. Sergeant Davis’ tank [“Mike Charlie”] lost its starter motor. Sergeant Pearce’s and the F.O.O.s tank were seen side-by-side in the minefield, both with tracks off [presumably “Mike 5” and “Mike 12”]. Corporal Bowden’s tank was stuck in a ditch. Sergeant Lucas’s tank was set alight and burned furiously and one other. Litchfield withdrew two runners and a Stuart into a perimeter held by the infantry. They remained there for the night.

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    Ah - my post just crossed with sol's. Steve

    I can scan the relevant pages for you, Rob if you wish.

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    I have found an account of the battle in the history of the 9th Battalion, 14th Punjab Regiment. It gives details of the numbers of tanks and their fate.




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    Hi all.

    Thanks very much for your replies and your help. Thanks Esnes for the info and welcome

    Thank you Steve for further information and the scans you have uploaded/ It is greatly appreciated.

    During my research I have found very little info on the battle that took place on the 8th May. Looks quite a large one aswell.

    Do you think the war diaries at kew will hold more information? No experience with kew at all so its the unkown for me.

    Thanks again guys

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    I have the war diaries. Will try to upload later or if unsuccessful will email them to you.
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    Thats brilliant Lionboxer. Greatly appreciated.

    Thank you. I will pm my email.

    Thanks again.

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