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Discussion in 'Modelling' started by von Poop, Nov 26, 2021.

  1. von Poop

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    Small but significant step.
    New set of punches needed a place (They may as well look nice for a bit before I quickly knacker them.)
    First thing made completely from scratch that has at least a tiny modicum of design complexity using Fusion.
    The swearing has been mighty. A great deal to learn about selection & alignment. (And most Yewchoobers that think they're good at explaining processes to beginners need killing.)
    Anyway. Satisfying to wake up to a thing that works well.
    unnamed.jpg IMG_20221129_074038356.jpg

    A secondary thought for other new users of this strangeness:
    You will quite likely fret about needing filament when you start. Many distracting bundle deals out there with printer & lots of filament.
    Ignore them. Get one roll to start with (lighter colours so you can see the thing working).
    It's cheap, really. Often on stupid cheap offer at various places, and you will inevitably end up with a growing heap of it. You just will.

    Yeah, I know. I'm a printer rambler. Think I'm logging early progress as much for personal ref than anything.
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    Your conversion to the dark side of the force is almost complete.

    No more searching internet for stl files of geegaws to print - you can now manifest your idea as an object.

    Much more satisfying than machining - instead of reducing a large block of material to a small part and swarf - you add material to nothing to get a large block!

    The dark side fully takes over when you start searching the house to find broken plastic fittings that you can print anew rather than do as normal and ignore repair for years - with a few design changes that, in your opinion, would have stopped the damned thing failing in the first place!

    The other half then calls for a doctor as fixing the broken is so out of character for you that a brain stroke is suspected.

    Keep doing the self help blogs - most interesting seeing another take on the journey to print heaven.

  3. von Poop

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    Ok, alright. I'm now probably hooked.

    Someone was kind enough to give me a lightly used cordless circ saw as he doesn't use the batteries any more & I'm Blue Bosch boy.
    Parallel guide missing - ordered, not daft enough to try that in plastic.. Yet.. No dust extractor connector - £3-4 but only in stock at foreign shops with £20 postage.
    Some bleep bloop in Fusion. Bit more swearing. Rough print. Good enough & plenty strong clone (ish) of the Bosch one.
    Finally getting genuinely interesting. Making stuff from scratch absolutely the way forward.

    bosch.jpg IMG_20221206_113245357.jpg

    Yet another thought for new users.
    A cheap small heat gun is a lifesaver when things inevitably leak from your hot end. :unsure:
    The big paint-stripper ones would do it, but you'd absolutely burn yourself/melt wires - and at some point you will end up needing to melt plastic off complex shaped printer parts when the thing decides to crap itself.
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  4. von Poop

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    Excellent video on checking/tightening wheels/drives/belts/concentric nuts etc.on my machine (And presumably relates to others... they're not all that different.).

    I always wondered why it came with so many spanners...
    Wasn't having any real issues (other than a growing hatred for PETG), but this chap is a rare Yewchoober that explains things in a step by step style. Really uncommon to get a video I can follow without constantly rewinding to work out what they mean. 'Check this thing. Loose? Tighten. Like this.'
    There is no proper bloody manual for these Creality things. The autodidact suffers from fear of disrupting mechanical factors. Very nice to have a run through on finding loose stuff and tightening it up.If nothing else, my printer now sounds better.

    And now I've discovered Creality's Sonic Pad exists.... I can see myself spending half again what the printer cost to see if that lives up to so many saying it drastically improves print times etc.
    Sigh. Shiny things.
    Sigh. Nerdism.
    'Resonance sensor' .... Who knew such wonders existed...

    Also, again: 'Plug & Play!' ... Nope.
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