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    I thought this might be a good time to let you know some stats on the site.

    When I first took it over from Nick on the 30th March this year we had the following stats for the month of March:

    132 Members
    1540 Unique Visitors
    178 Average visitors per day
    247 Topics
    1004 Posts
    8 Sites linking to this one
    254,659 Alex Ranking
    1 Google Page Rank

    This is the stats for the month of April:

    194 Members +62
    3782 Unique Visitors +2,242
    217 Average visitors per day +39
    368 Topics +121
    1828 Posts +824
    14 Sites linking to this one +6
    68,851 Alex Ranking -185,808
    3 Google Page Rank +2


    The site popularity is growing extremely well, I am even surprised I did not expect to be groing so quickly.

    Since the 30th March we have added the following:

    Live Chat
    Articles Section
    Live Radio

    Thanks to all members who have linked these forums on their own sites, its much appreciated and I can see traffic coming from you all, I hope your link on our site is reciprocating well for you also.

    A few comments have made privately and on other forums that it is my intention to sell the site in a couple of months once I have added lots of advertising banners and thats the reason I purchased it in the first place.

    Well all I can say is that its totally untrue, my interest in World War 2 is significant and I can assure all of you that I wont be selling these forums and I am so happy that they are becoming very popular.

    The additions to the site come out of my own pocket which I am happy to pay, if the services I pay for dont get used I can remove them, its that simple.

    All the services on this site will remain free now and permanently, I do not have any plans whatsoever to charge for the site.

    I was thinking of placing a google adsense banner on the site that will generate funds for the good of the site and give some to ww2 charities. This would help pay the radio costs if it gets as popular as I hope and any other services that may be of interest to the members, it all helps to grow a popular community.



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