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    Hello members,
    I was wondering if any members could help me with a bit a research. I've recently bought a GSM Malaya (George VI head) to 3771398 Pte S Prince of the Manchester Regiment. Not expensive, but I knew straight away that he had a WW2 issued number. His number block falls into the King's Regiment and he was still with the King's Regiment when he was court martialled in Brighton on 28th June 1945, accused of theft, he was found not guilty. I found that information from the Forces War records site.
    I realise there's probably not much information that I can find out about him, but any information anyone can provide would be nice to have, even approximate enlistment date. I currently don't even know his first name.
    He wasn't wounded in WW2,but may have landed in Normandy on D Day, as two battalions of the regiment, the 5th and 8th King's (Liverpool Irish), landed on D Day. He was of course back in the UK on 28th June 1945 for his court martial.
    Thanks for anyone who can help


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    I contacted a couple of relevant museums in Liverpool and Manchester, but no enlistment books for the King's Regiment, unfortunately. So it seems all I will know about Prince in WW2 is his approximate enlistment date, 1937, from a previous post on here (3771350 Pte D Coleman enlisted into The King's Regiment (Liverpool) in Liverpool on 26th October 1937 and his number is only 48 digits from Prince’s). Also, that Prince was still in the King's Regiment on 28th June 1945.

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