37588 Ian Keith MATHESON, Scots Guards

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    Casualty :poppy:
    Service Number 37588
    Died 23/05/1940
    Aged 31
    Scots Guards
    Son of Hugh Mackay Matheson and Katharine Isobel Matheson; husband of Jean Cecely Mary Matheson, of Edinburgh. M.A. (Oxon.).
    Location: Somme, France
    Number of casualties: 1

    The only member of the Scots Guards to be killed in the 1940 France Campaign.

    Anyone know what Division he was with?
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    The Scots Guards, Erskine:
    He was killed in action while attached to G.H.Q., B.E.F. on 23rd May 1940.
    Previously Adjutant Training Battalion, Scots Guards. Served 1931-1940
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    Thanks Di,

    I thought you might have a starter-I wonder if he gets a mention in the GHQ files, his role must be listed on the Officer Field Returns at the very least. The fact he is in a local cemetery on his own suggests it may be a bit hard to pinpoint what happened in any detail via any books.

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    Ian Keith MATHESON

    Service number 37588

    Born: April 17th 1909
    Died: May 23rd 1940

    Ian Keith was born in London, the third son of Hugh Mackay Matheson and his wife Katharine Isobel Arbuthnot.

    He was educated at Eton and Matriculated in 1928. His address at that time was Little Scatwell, Muir of Ord, Ross-shire. He was descended from the Mathesons of Brahan

    After graduating in 1931, he joined the Scots Guards. He was gazetted Lieutenant on January 30th 1933. On January 24th, 1935, he was appointed ADC to the Governor of Tasmania and promoted to Captain.

    He married on July 2nd 1935, Jean Cecily Mary Grant of Rothiemurcus. They had one daughter in 1936. By this time, they were living at Cartbridge House, Broad Mead Rd, Send, Surrey.

    He was killed on May 23rd 1940, the only member of the Scots Guards to be killed in the 1940 Campaign. He was attached to G.H.Q., B.E.F

    He is buried in the churchyard at Surcamps which is a village and commune about 25 kilometres north-west of Amiens. His, the only British grave in this churchyard is near the centre of the southern boundary hedge

    He is commemorated at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst and on a memorial plaque in St Anne's Scottish Episcopal Church, Strathpeffer, Ross shire.

    The Metal Plaque on the wall near to the Altar states,

    "In Memory of Katharine Isobel Matheson died 8 June 1942
    And Ian Keith Matheson killed in action “

    Altar vases were presented to the church by their Family

    In April 1942, his widow married his older brother, Patrick Hugh and they had further daughters.

    SOURCE : Christ Church Oxford
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    Thanks very much for adding that.
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    Any idea on what part of GHQ he was with ? I suspect his death may get a mention if his units diary can be confirmed.

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    Personal Number:
    Unit: Scots Guards

    London Gazette : 19 April 1927
    Cadet Ian Keith Matheson, from Eton Coll. Contgt., Jun. Div., O.T.C., to be 2nd Lt. 18th Apr. 1927.

    London Gazette : 28 August 1931
    S. G'ds. -
    Lt. Ian Keith MATHESON, from Lovat Scouts, T.A. 30th Jan. 1930, next below 2nd Lt. G. A. D. TAYLOR.

    London Gazette : 31 January 1933
    The undermentioned 2nd Lts. to be Lts.: —
    S. G'ds.—
    I. K. Matheson.

    London Gazette : 1 March 1935
    The undermentioned appts.: —
    Lt. I. K. Matheson, S. G'ds., as A.D.C. to the Govr. of Tasmania. 24th Jan. 1935.

    London Gazette : 5 August 1938
    The undermentioned Lts. to be Capts. 1st Aug. 1938.
    S. G'ds.
    I. K. Matheson.

    London Gazette : 22 August 1939
    S. G'ds.—
    Capt. I. K. Matheson is secd. 22nd July 1939
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    additional information, but it is very difficult to locate the place


    The Progress of the Somme - June 4, 1941


    Burial of soldiers

    The exhumation of soldiers killed on the territory of the commune during the events of May 1940 was carried out. The operation was directed by Mr. Oger Parfait, mayor of the commune, and carried out with the help of dedicated people from the country.
    These were five graves of unknown soldiers, one of which was empty.
    Three other graves contained the remains of black soldiers, of which only one was identified.
    The last body is that of an Englishman who was burnt in his car in front of the Blanc-Mont farm. For him, too, identification was impossible.
    A gathered crowd witnessed this painful operation carried out by Mr. Brailly Marc and Herselin, veterans, and the teacher.
    The small town and people from the surrounding area had made a point of paying homage to these dead and the church was very small to contain the Crowd who attended the funeral service.
    M. le Cure de Francières made a moving speech.

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