373 Battery Coastal Artillery

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    Based West Mersea Essex 2x4.7 inch guns in encasements with search lights.
    Located on Victoria Esplanade.

    I am seeking to expand on the history of the battery.
    It seems to be named after 373 Field Bty based in Colchester in 1915 later going to Gallipoli.

    Was this related to Operation Fortitude ?

    In 1942 373 Bty emerged at Bulford under its previous designation which from memory was the Somerset or Dorset Yeomanry going on to Normandy 1944.

    I transcribed letters by Noel Beadle who began his TA service at 373 Bty was sent to OCTU at Bulford then transferred to Catterick where he went to 67 Field Regiment at Fakenham.
    Excerpts and details ref 373 Bty are found on the Mersea Island Museum website.

    Mersea Island Museum - a look into history

    He writes of a football match representing 10 Group Coastal Artillery and receives phone calls from HQ at Clacton.

    I cannot find much more as the battery seems never to have been.
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    Coincidence or old friends network.
    Noel wrote to his mother from Waterloo Station that he was on his way to Bulford OCTU (where 373 was to commence training in 1942).
    He was soon transferred to Catterick from where he was posted to 67th Field Regiment.
    His mother was well connected and from Hendon and caused a stir in 67 officers mess with her cryptic forecasts of where they might go next.
    Noel was born Hendon Christmas Day 1914.
    His Battery Commander David Shepherd was born in Hendon in the spring 1915.

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