370 Bty 113 Lt. A.A. Regiment

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    What would the 370 Bty 113 Lt. A.A. Regiment have consisted of?

    Thanks in advance for all replies.
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  3. russ tobin

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    Thanks Tim that's a comprehensive answer. Looks like 370 Bty would have consisted of 18 Bofors and 80+ gunners?
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    Have another look. I make it 11 Officers, 26 SNCOs, 40 NCOs and 144 gunners.

  5. Buteman

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    LAA Regiments in North West Europe where reduced in size. Due to shortage of infantry replacements and also due to air superiority.

    (Info from my Dad's unit, 102 LAA Regiment war diaries).

    On arrival in Normandy (17 June 1944), there were 43 Officers and 816 Other Ranks.

    In August 1944, an LAA Battery (3 in a Regiment) was reduced from 3 troops to 2 and 18 Bofors to 12. Total men in the Regiment was reduced by 6 Officers and 200 Other Ranks (40 Officers to 34 and 743 to 543 Other Ranks).
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    Thank you for that.

    What was a VP (Vulnerable Point??)
  7. timuk

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    I don't know the definition of a VP (Vulnerable Point) but have understood it to be a point of strategic or manufacturing importance. My Dad was in the 35th LAA and some examples of where they were deployed in the UK in 1940/41 before going to the Far East are:
    VP 450 (Cowley Works)
    VP 439 (RAF Brize Norton)
    VP 438 (RAF Lit tle Rissington)
    Biggin Hill and Kenley - no VPs given
    VP 533 (Langley/Slough Hawker Works)
    VP 202 (ICI Works, Huddersfield)
    In 1940/41 they were equipped with 3" Case 1 guns and Lewis guns. Bofors were received in May 41.
    I have not come across a list of VPs and would be interested if another member has.

  8. timuk

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    My Dad's Regt the 35th LAA embarked for the Far East in Nov 41 with a strength of 31 Officers and 893 other ranks. These would be split between RHQ and 3x Batteries. I have a nominal roll but have never actually added up how many were in each Battery.

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